Tape selection button on 552 output stuck (won't switch off)

Can anyone help troubleshoot?

What have you tried so far?


tried powering off PS and at the wall for 5 mins?

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It seems to be a physical problem with the switch being stuck. Powering on and off to no effect.

Maybe @Richard.Dane has an idea?

Which one is stuck? I take it you have tried switching to any of the other tape outputs?

I would power down the system and remove all sources connected to the NAC552. Then power up again and see whether the Tape selection buttons work normally, just in case something with a floating earth is trying to earth through the Naim and locking up the controls.

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Richard, it’s the tape button on the record bank. All other buttons will depress, this one will not. Unfortunately, the 552 reset during a minor power outage and I now cannot revert to the original settings

Was using tape on the source bank

Seems that the recout buttons are locked (a feature, not a bug!). To unlock (or lock again) press MON button 4 times within 6 seconds. Had that issue after DR service last spring.

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"Note: It is possible to lock the record controls and prevent
accidental de-selection during recording. Record-lock is
switched on or off by pressing the source mon button four times
within six seconds."

P. E6 in the preamps manual. (yeah, I never read it either!)


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I believe it’s a physical problem with an unresponsive switch, pressing mono 4x doesn’t work

Can you operate it if you have a different source selected?

Seems pretty clear what the problem is.

I have powered down and reset a few times. I have tried all six din inputs
Getting bleed through on all 6, including the cd (input 2) which is lit on the upper row. Phono is ok.

I wonder whether @NeilS has any ideas here…

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Some sort of mechanical issue with that particular button would certainly explain this behaviour.


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It seems the only input that is functional on the 552 is the rca input 9. Rca 8 does not work or any of the dins. Presently have the nds connected with rca cable to input 9. Phono pramp to input 9 also works for vinyl. Looks like a visit to the shop is in order unless I’m missing something

Wondering why just the one rca input works?

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Are you still able to select inputs on the source bank, or is everything locked up?


Everything locked up