Taylor Hawkins RIP

Very sad new this morning …

Saw them 3 times and he was incredibly behind the drum kit. A legendary drummer. Very sad :cry:

I’m very sad about this, he’s a great loss. He features in some good documentaries about drumming and came across as a decent dude (and a terrific rock drummer). rip.

Can’t believe I have woken to that news. Saw them live a few years back and they, and he, were excellent. Only 50 years old too and seemed like a really nice guy, shocking news

Only just seen this. Very, very sad news for fans and family alike.

A monster of a drummer and such a personality too.


Desperately sad news :’(

Very said and far too young. Great personality.

Much too young to leave so soon. Very sorry to hear this news.

Oh dear……so young and what a talent.

A sad loss. A very talented drummer and a lovely guy.

Seemed like a really nice guy - he was in Stewart Copeland’s excellent drumming documentary and as well as being a brilliant drummer he came across as a very decent bloke. Sad news

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Dreadfully sad news, a very talented guy

Very sad news to read this morning, amazing talent and a tragic loss.

RIP - he wasn’t a bad singer either. Too young.

Gutted, absolutely gutted! Amazing drummer and great guy it seems too! Sad news indeed.

Must be hard for Dave Grohl as well to loose a soulmate and great friend again …


Really sad news.


He was a drummer who lost his lead singer, now he’s a lead singer that’s lost his drummer.

Must be terrible for him to lose two close friends from two of the biggest bands of a generation.

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Don’t forget Pat Smear. Was also in Nirvana.

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Yep, very good point.