TDA1541A-S1 chip

Hi all, New here. Just wondering if anyone can share contacts who can help sourcing a TDA1541A-S1 single crown dac chip. I have a Naim CD3 which may have a faulty DAC chip.

Have you tried Naim?

Unfortunately, I’m told it’s not uncommon for the TDA1541A to go noisy or fail. As for spares, there are loads of fakes out there, especially on eBay, and without knowing whether someone has taken proper ESD precautions before ripping the chip out an old machine, or during handling, the risks of a dud or premature failure are very high, so be careful.

Your best bet is a repair by Naim, who probably still have some stock of these chips spare for repair. Perhaps @NeilS knows the current status here.

Beyond that, any further discussion probably falls outside of forum AUP.

Very difficult in Australia. Naim distribtors don’t sell parts and will ask me to send the unit and quote repair cost. Both way transport and service cost will kill me. I just want to source a genuine chip and check with other Naim distributors if they will supply genuine chip from other parts of the world. Different country may have different policy.

OK, well that does fall outside of forum rules. Distributors won’t just sell parts as they then have no idea where they will go and how they will be used.