Tea again

Just opened a pack of Sikkim tea; this Timi tea garden has nearly got its organic accreditation. I was pleasantly surprised; it was darker and more intense than Darjeeling but was very refreshing.

On the theme of plastic in tea bags:

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Perhaps the numbers pale into insignificance when we consider single use coffee cups.


We seem to have shifted to Clipper organic for our regular mugs of tea in the mornings (HH’s recommendation), very nice cuppa.

The trouble with plastic in the tea bags is that they won’t compost properly, so have to go to landfill.

I thought that PG tips have now moved to plastic free, though I much prefer Clipper for taste, if I have to have a tea bag. They are plastic free too.

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One of these filled with loose tea not only tastes better than teabags, and all the waste is compostable


I actually think it’s scandalous that the public have assumed for decades that tea bags were simply paper - I bet original teabags never had any plastic, how did the tea industry manage to sneak that under our noses?

Until a few years ago I used to put all tea bags in food composting as I didn’t know.

Your tasting note makes sense as Sikim is located in between Darjeeling and Assam.

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