Tea for the tillerman 2

Just listening to yusefs re working as it’s 50 yrs old and was on repeat in my childhood… it’s a nice recording and rework.

Yes, ordered it on vinyl yesterday after hearing cat yusef speaking on R2. Also ordered a cd of the original.

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I was quite prepared to absolutely hate it but on first play thought it was brilliant


Thanks for the tip. I read about thIs earlier but had already forgotten – very nice alternative for an anniversary box set.

I liked it, it kind of suites where he is these days and shows its still a great album.

Listening to this now and am liking it. The slightly hard, aggressive edges that occasionally crept in on the original have been smoothed, making for a more relaxed listen. I never totally got on with the original, but I am liking this reworking.


Vinyl on the way. Looking forward to it although seen mixed reviews.

Ordered this on blue vinyl last night.
My only other Cat Stevens records are “best of” types, one on CD one on vinyl.
Looking forward to hearing a single body of work from him.

The cd is just £4.99 on Am-zon at present.
Seems churlish not to buy it at that price.

That’s a quick price drop…paid double on release at Amazon !..never mind though …it’s a really good listen!

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“It’s true that I have asked my manager to respectfully request that lady presenters refrain from embracing me when giving awards or during public appearances”

Good god, set your clocks backs back 10,000 years.


I enjoyed it too. I prefer the original Sad Lisa but otherwise it’s great :smiley:

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I’ve a feeling it’s a strategic short-lived price drop to help get it to the no.1 position in the album chart. It’s apparently a close run thing.

Just to add that HMV are matching the £4.99 price instore at the moment.

I’ll give it a go. At under a fiver theres nothing to lose.

Bugger. Went ino town this morning and HMV price back up to 9.99 anddd… they were out of stock.

Yes, it was short-lived. Back up to £9.99 on Am-zon.

Wow, they don’t mess about do they?

Listened to Tillerman 2 all the way through today and I think I prefer it to the original. An altogether easier listen and a lovely reworking.


Well each to their own I suppose but I hope to God he doesn’t do that to Teaser and the Firecat

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