Teach me about "Record Store Day"

Now that we own a turntable, “Record Store Day” seems like something I should pay attention to. At this point I’m seeing lists of releases and rumoured releases.

Do I have to just show up at my local participating record store? Do some or all take pre-orders? Do the bigger online retailers get the same releases and/or more of them? Do all stores get access to all titles?

Just looking for a strategy if there are a couple of albums I want to pick up :slight_smile: (I’m in the States by the way.)

The stuff I have bought on record store day is either a coloured vinyl or a couple of extra songs tacked on. I am sure there are remasters/one off’s but I have never seen any in the kind of stuff I am interested in. I am in the UK BTW

I am in the UK but am pretty certain the Record Store Day rules are the same everywhere, so:

Do I have to just show up at my local participating record store? - Yes, RSD is for real physical, walk in shops only. Online only retailers are not part of RSD, the event is all about getting people into their local record shop.

Do some or all take pre-orders? No, it is first come first served.

Do the bigger online retailers get the same releases and/or more of them? Do all stores get access to all titles? - The participating stores receive a list of planned releases from which they place their order. Shortly before RSD they will be sent a list of what they can expect to receive, this is likely to be less that they ordered because most RSD releases are limited editions, some only a few hundred. When the store finally receive their RSD stock, usually during the week before RSD they may find that it is less than they were promised as a few of the originally planned releases may get dropped for various reasons, e.g. they don’t get pressed in time.

Stores are usually very careful about what they order as they cannot return any unsold RSD stock so have to sell it, those that have an online presence normally offer any remaining stock online a week or so after RSD. Unfortunately there is a growing number of people who just buy RSD items to resell them online at a much higher price, oftern only a few hours later. So, if you particularly want something by the perennially popular artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Floyd, Zeppelin etc then call in at the shop a few days beforehand and check they are actually getting what you want in, most publish a list either online or instore, and be prepared to queue, possibly all night, to get it!


Thanks Mike!! I’ll call a couple of my local shops. I’m not the sort these days to queue up for a long time. If there’s something I really MUST have, I’ll feed the re-sellers and pay a premium… :frowning:

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Having bought and sold vinyl for most of my life I can totally agree with the sentiment of not queuing all night for a release! Pay the going rate and save yourself the time! Best to wait about 6 months from the release though to get a bottomed out price. You win on some and loose on others but spending a day of youlife to save £50 is not worth it imo.

Record Store Day releases for me are items to hunt at a later date. My nearest store is about 50 miles away. Most of the non super limited stuff is on pre order on eBay anyway from savy dealers who know their quota :wink: again wait until almost the release as the price drops after announcement and just before release!

Thanks – really helpful and a good strategy I’m sure!

Yes, in theory. In practice, you’ll find them online pretty quickly after RSD, if not the same day. There’s a web site that lists all the releases since the first RSD (can’t remember the address, but will pop if you google it). You’ll find many of the titles on the usual sites (Amazon, eBay etc).

Disclaimer: my tastes tend to go to the less popular stuff. I am sure that makes it easier to buy a RSD release online at a reasonable cost

Yes, perhaps I phrased that a tad cautiously, what I meant was that RSD records are only supplied to real walk in shops not those that only have an online presence. Yes many do appear online very quickly and often at grossly inflated prices.

Like you my musical taste if far removed from mainstream so normally I can safely shop for RSD items the following week or even month, I have never felt the need to queue.


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