Technical stuff on the amps

I was looking in how naim amps are build, and found that the integrated and “normal/lower” class amps and preamps very similar

For example the integrated all have 5 secondary windings on the transformer that are even connected at the same order to similar places. So I assume they power similar components.

I assume (orange, white, red) and (green, yellow,gray) is power and pre amp per channel. What does the (pink, blue,black) do. I assume the last one is for the lights because also present on the NAP200DR?
What happens to the DR on the Supernait when HiCap is connected. Does DR do something for the power stage?

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There is no DR on the power amp stage of the Supernait, HiCaps only power pre-amp stages.

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So if you want a HiCap on Supernait, it should be DR, otherwise is worse?
There is DR on NAP200DR.

When I had a gen 1 supernait i noticed an improvement with the addition of a non-dr hicap, when i had the hicap dr’ed things improved again.

I’ve never done the comparison. Is one internal DR rail better or worse than two rails from a large PSU? :thinking:

Only for powering a pre-amp. It’s not a regulated amp like a 250, 300 etc

So when using external PSU, the internal DR is not used? Or gets doubly use :wink: a DR chain :smiley:
And what about the windings. Which powers what?

The DR circuitry in the 200 is only for the power supply for pre-amps. You would need to get a 250DR to get a power amp with it, however, the 250DR doesn’t have a power supply for preamps built-in.

The Hi-Cap with DR is better than without, I think because DR makes the power supply quieter which improves the sound of preamps and power amps. There is an article about DR on the Naim website but it is focused on power amps.

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The internal DR won’t be used when using a HiCap regardless of the reg type.
No idea about trafo windings.

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