Technics SL 1200 v Rega P8

I demoed both decks yesterday via Rega Aria and Hana SL moving coil. It was a very close call but eventually went for the Technics. The detail and overall presentation gave the Technics the edge in my view. I hadn’t even considered the Technics originally but after reading so many favourable reviews decided to check it out. Awaiting delivery now and set up by Simon at hi fi sound. Built like a tank and sonics are amazing.


Was that the base model SL1200 or the high end audiophile model?

This is the £1599 model but when partnered with the Rega Aria and Hana Sl mc it is extremely impressive. I couldn’t justify the extra outlay at more than double the price. I found it better than the rp8, I did however purchase a better set of van den hul interconnects. Total package close to £3500. Very solid build with direct drive a joy to operate too.


So the SL-1200GR then?

Yes that’s the one

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It is a superb deck. I picked one up a few months back. It just wowed me with musicality and dynamics.

There are quite a few of us on the forum who have been smitten by the charms of the SL-1200. The new range is leaving some established big names in vinyl in it’s proverbial rear view mirror in terms of cost performance. They are serious bits of audiophile gear.


I totally agree. I went to the demo fully expecting to walk away with the P8 but after about 10 mins it was obvious which one sounded better. The dealer told me they are selling very well, the P8 sounded subdued in comparison. I can just enjoy going back through my record collection now.


I auditioned the 1200G vs Michell Gyrodec SE/Technoarm, and Origin Live Aurora/Encounter (a £1500 arm!).

Over two sessions.

They were all really close. Top spot changed between all three.

I ended up playing track after track on the Technics though. Plus, they are so easy and nice to use. Cueing up, switching speed etc.

I’m sure I would have been happy with any of the three decks, but the 1200G is a very very nice thing (as are the other two to be fair to them! Michell are incredibly built, and the OL Encounter is a glorious looking thing too!) and sounds very very good.


Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear the 1200G dealer was waiting for stock. Based on my experience with the cheaper model I can fully understand why you would have chosen it. What phono stage and cartridge do you have with it.?

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Dynavector 10x5 and a Graham Slee Accession. Thought long and hard about going MC! I bet the Hana will sound great 8)

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nice TT, but to me the difference in SQ between recordplayers/cartridges/phonostages is very little.

The Hana is wonderful. This is the first time I’ve owned mc. I can see why you pay the extra. The dynamics and detail are superb to my ears. This is the first time I’ve heard vinyl with the same scale and impact of a well recorded cd


You have a Rega P1. So for example a Rega P8 sounds similar for you?

No I had Project Experience 2 with ortofon blue. The technics with the Rega aria phono stage and mc cartridge is light years ahead


Extraordinary thing to say imho.


The project sounded flat and lifeless in comparison

Hey VM, is there any guidance as to whether to go high or low output on the Hana.

I get that a high output can be used with a MM input but just wondered if there is a SQ difference . Like you I have a Rega Aria so wouldn’t have an issue with either.

I’ve just put an SU-G-700M2 amp in my non Naim system and it’s probably only time before I look to add one of these to it. Likewise this can accommodate both MM and MC.


I don’t know the technical ins and outs unfortunately. The dealer was the main influence on my choice in the end. I spent several hours comparing the 2 decks not sure what cartridge was on the P8. I was just so impressed with the combination that I decided to buy on the spot

I did a bit of reading around this a while back. I think the HOMC loses out a bit to the LOMC, but both are apparently really good. There are comparisons around online

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I only know the cartridge is Hana SL moving coil £639