Technics SL12XX modifications

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I have a pair of Technics SL1210’s Mk 5 that I normally just use for playing records from beginning to end, no real mixing now… I have recently upgraded to Ortofon Mk2 Concorde Club Cartridges and noticed a huge difference in sound quality. I was wondering what other modifications people have carried out to their turntables to make them sound better as I am looking at upgrading the RCA leads as they look pathetic compared to the Chord Shawlines I am using…

I am using a Behringer DJX700 mixer in between the decks and the amp, would it be better to have a specific phono amp and use this, instead of the mixer phono amp, when just listening to vinyl?

My current set up is
Naim Uniti Atom
Focal Aria 926 speakers
Chord Shawline cables

to have it at the top I recommend the whole range of products of PRECISION SOUND LAB

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Hmm some lovely stuff on their website!!

KAB USA has tons of upgrades to Technics direct drive turntables (tonearm rewire/dampening; mats; etc.). Just off the bat, a better cartridge might be a great improvement. Lots of recommendations there, but on my Technics I personally have prefered Denon carts, like the DL-110 and (if you’re into MCs) the venerable DL-103.

Also, yes, a better phono stage is a great idea too.

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As always, budget plays a huge part.
Over a couple of years I have made the following mods. Listed in order…
Mike New bearing. (No longer available from Mike)
MCRU 2 box power supply.
Isonoe adjustable feet.
SME M2-9 arm.
KAB strobe disable mod.

If I knew Panasonic were going to manufacture new 1200 series turntables, I would have bought one of those instead. :joy:

An upgraded phono amp will (or should) make a significant difference.

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