Tell me about the Burndy...(vs a SNAIC)

I have it on my SCDR>SuperLine, but apart from descriptions of what a Burndy is, I still don’t know the whys of it…why is it better (I assume, lol) than a SNAIC. Is it better? More connectors but…why? What’s the thinking behind Burndy?

The big power supplies, such as the Supercap, produce quite a few DC outputs and having the Burndy, which has lots of wires inside it, means that these outputs can go right to the relevant part of the thing that is being powered. With a Snaic you are limited to only two, but with a Burndy you can have lots.


Thanks hh!

That’s part of what makes a 252/SuperCap so much better than a 282 with SuperCap. The former uses a Burndy for analog section, the latter uses two SNAICs.

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