Tellurium Q Black II impressions

System: Chord Qutest II => Supernait3 => harbeth P3ESR.

So I’m a Naim cable guy. I just do naim cables since that’s one less thing to worry about. That’s since 2011. Wow! 10yrs already!

I ran the Kudos speaker cable with the Kudos 303 in my other system for a while - it does a better job with mid and highs, but I went back to the Naca5 and eventually to the SL - but that’s a different story.

So in the system that makes this story, just wanted to try something else out - just a change in pace without too much spend. Looking at the forum, the Tellurium Q Black seems to have enough hits that it was worth trying out. Again, picked up a set for probably 1/2 of retail.

Slotted in that system last night. I think I like it. Seems to have cleaned up the sound a little. The naca5 sounds grungy in comparison, the Tellurium a little more liquid and shiny, more hifi. Not sure what it’ll do in other systems, but seems like a good match for the harbeths.

I use TQB II in my system, with TQB interconnects. It works well. I don’t believe it’s possible or sensible to make meaningful comparisons after a few hours listening. The real test is whether or not you are still enjoying the music after a few weeks.

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I agree - the final test is whether I miss it when I put the naca5 back on.

Hey - Proac Tablette Signatures - do you ever feel the need for a subwoofer?

Man - the forum has changed. Not that many old faces anymore. Graeme hasn’t posted in a while has he? What about George (the nait5i guy - followed by Nap100 - ice cream maker)…

And I think Totemphile got banned a while ago…

I prefer the TQB II to the Naca5 in my 72/140/HC Kudos 606 system by a quite margin

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I’m quite happy with them. The sound is lovely and balanced just as it is.

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Who Sir, me Sir?



I think George was banned from this forum not sure why though, he can be found on PF

@hungryhalibut / how do the TQB interconnects compare to the HiLines or the SL. Didn’t you do a SL full loom at some point?

Also - is it safe to use the TWB2 cables with a nap250? What about a 500?

I bought the interconnects for three reasons. Firstly they matched the TQ speaker cables and I like the idea of matching cables, rightly or wrongly. Secondly they are only 1m long and therefore don’t dangle on the floor, which standard Naim lavender cables did. Thirdly they are black and don’t draw attention to themselves. I’ve not tried them against a Hiline so cannot comment directly other than to say that the previous owner of one of them preferred it to the Hiline when he compared them.

The previous owner HH refers to being me.


Just ordered a Tellurium Q black Din . Will receive it this week . I will take a look at TQ speaker cables after. TQ black or silver II seems a great match for my system but i won’t be able to audition before buying so please keep posting your impressions on TQ black II ( or silver) System is : NDX > HiCap DR > SN2 > Focal 1008BE II

Who has since reverted back to the HiLine?

Since changing to the ND555. I find the HiLine works very well with it. With the NDX2, not so much.


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