Tellurium Q Black RCA vs TQ Black DIN

Hi all.

I have just got hold of a shiny new ND5 XS2 to match my SN2 (into MA Gold 200 5G Floorstanders). I am using Tellurium Q Black RCA interconnects between the streamer and the amp. My question is… would it be worth upgrading from the TQ Black RCA’s into TQ Black DIN? Has anyone specifically tried both options?

I’d be keen to hear your thoughts / experiences or whether there is a significantly better option out there for around the same £££.

Many thanks :grin:

how about the stock naim din cable? at least try it for some days and check if you like it :wink:

With Naim it’s always better to use DIN-DIN as it keeps the signal star ground integrity.
I agree with Groove, try the stock Naim for a while, that’s the benchmark, get used to that & then try others.

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Hi and thanks for the replies.

I’ve tried the stock DIN cable but it’s not comparing like with like and the TQ RCA sounds far superior to it. I guess a broader question would be to ask whether anyone has upgraded from RCA to DIN with the same manufacturer eg, Chord Clearway, Shawline, TQ etc. This will give me an idea where i’m heading with my next purchase! I really want to know if DIN is really that much better than RCA on a like for like basis.

Cheers :smiley:

Everybody here can confirm the DIN termination is better than RCA with Naim, with the same cable.

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