Tellurium Q Silver Diamond

Once the main system totally settled, NDX2 + NAD C 546BEE > AudioQuest Water > Musical Fidelity NuVista 600 > Chord Epic Reference > ProAc K6, I am very satisfied with the result: a large scale and very articulated sound, wide soundstage and really organic. However, the only remaining part of the previous system after the upgrade is the Chord Epic Reference cable, which I feel is not up to the rest and is generating a bottleneck. That’s why I’ve decided, as soon as we get over the situation and regain some freedom, update the speaker cable with the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond.

It is not possible to demo it nor to try it in the system, but from what I have read in the different reviews it seems a safe bet to finish tuning the system with an increase in soundstage and an even greater realism and organic sound.

Has anyone tried or enjoyed this speaker cable…?

Thank you in advance and greetings.

I’m not sure that speaker cables costing over £5,000 for a 3m pair is a wise use of funds, given that your sources are a bare NDX2 and a £500 CD player. That’s where I’d be putting the money.


Thank you, @hungryhalibut.

Although the CD practically has marginal use, and rather support given the large collection of CDs in shelves and cabinets, I do not dismiss a future upgrade to Hegel Mohican.

Moreover, I think the system is fascinating with the NDX2 and the NuVista 600 attacking the K6, and that the cable is the limiting factor.

Indeed, as you have noticed, it is a premium cable at a premium price that I would never pay, but if everything goes as expected, in a few months I will have installed and ran up the TQ Silver Diamond, to which I can access in a fantastic, practically unrejectable, offer, and I will report on the results to the forum, since I now know the system perfectly and I know how far it goes, so it will be relatively easy to weigh the result.

I was just looking for some informed opinion of someone with direct experience with this speaker cable, which, as you usually advise, would be among the best sources of knowledge.


The trouble is, I doubt anyone will have experience of them with your speakers, your amplifier and your room acoustics. If they are such a bargain the seller is obviously keen to sell them, which may say something. The least they could do is post them to you to try, without obligation. Buying something because it seems a bargain is rarely wise.


No, HH, the process wasn’t that.

On the contrary, I began by doing extensive research, still underway, of the speaker cables that, by well-founded references and reviews, could provide what I am looking for: a soundstage extension, an extension of treble and clarity, and an increase in the sound already very realistic and organic. The investigation led to three possible candidates. Then, as always, to wait for the right opportunity, they always end up painting it bald. And fate was conjured up to find a very good offer from the TQ Silver Diamond.

The problem, which from a UK perspective unfortunately costs a lot to see and more to accept, is that outside the UK the issue of in home demos is difficult at best, and most of the time the only possibility is to go to some dealer demo, which is also not simple and which, as you point out, isn’t usually a good reference, or, directly, take the risk by acquiring the device or cable blindly. Personally, I have not done badly, I have not made great mistakes, and the few times that some device has not finished fitting I have been able to sell fast without too much loss. But yes, I hope all the territories worked on this HIFI thing like the UK, you don’t know how lucky you are!

I finally ordered the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speaker cables, 3M+3M in banana-banana temination.

When I receive them, install them and run in them, I will comment on the impressions right here; I trust it will be the icing on the cake and the real end of my journey.

Greetings to the forum.


We shall look forward to reading your impressions!

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The TQ Silver Diamonds have finally arrived. If all goes well, we’ll install them during next weekend, as we have to disassemble the whole system and redressing all the cables. Then the run in process…


Amazing… When I fitted the TQ Silver II they sounded great so the Diamonds… well, I can only begin to imagine what they’ll sound like! Look forward to hearing about how they sound!

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Cables finally installed…

For now runing in with the TQ System Disc…

To be continue as they go runing in…

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Can’t wait to hear what you think. I’ve got the same disc… The missus thought it was some sort of crazy hardcore techno! Works great on new speakers.

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could you not get the same links?

Certainly, it could well be a session of The Dark Side Of The Moog…

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Sure, but I think the Chord Sarum Ts are up to the TQ Silver Diamonds, they are milles ahead of the standard brass jumpers, and for now, with just 8 hours runing in, the sound is also milles ahead of the previous Chord Epic Performance without glimpse of inconsistencies. In addition, there is no full loop in the system, as the interconnects are AudioQuest Water, the ethernet cable is Chord Epic Streamer, and IsoTek Evo 3 Elite power cable from the wall plug to the IsoTek Sirius Evo 3 and Chord C-Power in the rest (NuVista 600, NDX2, NAD C546BEE).

Sarum T jumpers stay. Later I would consider, may be, the Silver Diamond full loop, or perhaps better Black Diamond for interconnects, but it is unlikely; the sound is already spectacular.

With the cables with, for the moment, 20 hours of execution, I already have certain well-formed impressions…

The first thing I must say is the Chord Epic Performance are not bad cables: they are probably the sweet spot in Chord’s speaker cables range, and they are cables that already transmit HIFI, with well-defined mids, tight and shaped bass, and a treble…, well, the treble is the weakest point of these cables, because they do not end up having the expression, extent and presence that neutral wiring should take precedence. Thus, these are cables where the mids and bass are achieved a little at the expense of masking the high frequencies.

The TQ Silver Diamond, with very few hours of operation, are already presented as High-End and exceptional cables, very neutral. With about 20 hours run in they sound fantastic, with a significant and appreciable improvement throughout the frequency band, especially in the treble, but also in the mids and bass, and very significant higher resolution and speed than the Chords. A great soundstage improvement, in all directions, but especially upwards and towards the sides; a very remarkable all the frequency band extension, with a treble that allow to form a perfect image without a glimpse of stridentity or wheezing, velvety and surprisingly present and organic mids, and tight and precise basses that describe a base on which the rest of frequencies are added and flow effortless, with the fair reververations in the drums lines, the piano decays and the male voices. Another of the very notable perception is the great energy that the cables are able to transmit from the power stage to the speakers: the integrated NuVista 600 mounts an electronic potentiometer on a decibel scale, from 0dB to 116dB, with the Chords normal critical listening being 80dB in room (background music over 70dB-72dB); well, with the TQ SD the integrated offers the same output (measured with sonometer at the listening point at 3 meters), but with 3dB-5dB less of the potentiometer, impressive!

The sinergy with the NDX2, the NuVista 600, the K6, and the room is simply perfect. If I had to describe them with 3 words, they would be: soundstage, resolution and dinamics.

But I would lack to add ‘realism’: an organic sound that, when closing my eyes, makes the speakers disappear and introduces the orchestras, the bands, the soloists in the room, in front of me and surrounding me, with the privilege of being in the first or second row of the show. With this theme, ‘Un beso y una flor’ (‘A kiss and a flower’), from one of my favorite groups, ‘Seguridad Social’ (‘Social Security’), this afternoon my hairs have been on edge and I have shed tears; I haven’t been so deeply moved and excited about music in a while…

Really an upgrade comparable to a black box upgrade.

I am told by TQ that the cables need about 100 hours running in to reach 95% of their performance; this promises…

To be continue…


Sounds like an excellent start… the character of the cables, the way you describe the improvements sort of matches what I felt when I went from TQ Blacks to the Silver II… but obviously with the Silver diamonds, the impact is just much much bigger!

While the Diamonds are out of my range, I would like to move to the Silver Ultras in the future as I love how the TQ silvers sound… so natural, clear with no harshness or fatigue to them.

Just imagine how those Silver Diamonds will sound after another week or two! Enjoy!!

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I just checked on the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond and realised it’s a premium cable. At £3,583 for a 4m length it’s costlier than the Naim Superlumina and my Chord Signature XL (£2,400).

No wonder it’s good.

Newcomer - I am not sure if the Chord Epic Performance is the same as the standard Epic. Yes, the Chord Epic has higher levels of colouration with a full and fat bass which masks some of the detail in the midrange and treble. The Epic is a decent cable but there are better ones out there.

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Not really: the Epic Reference is one level above the Epic, and immediately below the Signature; I’ve used both, and the Epic Reference is a step more and better than the Epic, with a more neutral midrange and some less full and fat bass, but it still introduces coloration and masks the treble. All in consideration is a very decent cable, but of course there are better ones out there; that’s why, after much research, I decided to bet on the TQ Silver Diamond, with which I think I have not been wrong and will be definitive except for some unpredictable and uncontemplated catastrophe or force majeure.

This is worrying as I found them awfully bright and metallic sounding. Caused me very bad listening fatigue. Changing to NACA5 was a revelation for me.
Would love to try silver cables again but concerned they will be the same.

@newcomer If I were you I’d get the TQ Silver Diamond jumpers first off… And I’d also try running speaker cables to the tweeter/midrange inputs and jumpers to the woofer input. The K6 is a true three way and running the TQ to the Midrange/tweeter might sound better. it’s free to try it.

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