Tellurium Silver II Speaker Cable

As it seems there’s minimal consensus here on NACA5 versus Tellurium Black II then what about the Silver II??

It’s a little under £100 a meter so would be highly reluctant to buy this blind in case it didn’t deliver.

Reviews suggest it’s a good step up but getting a demo is proving problematic.
Could order online and return but I’d feel like a total time-waster doing that.

Any experience with the Silver II out there??

If i had taken a punt on a full loom of Superlumina based on it works for very many people on this forum, i would have wasted about £8k. I would go to one of the online shops like futureshop…be careful though TQ is often quoted as a single length not two, so its double the price. You have to enter 2 in the amount box.

I once had TQ Silver within Hugo/SN2/Kudos S20 setup which was too crystal clear for me. Tried TQ Black before and had NACA5 since a long time.

I would have a hunt through eBay and hifishark for a second hand pair or find a dealer with a demo pair for you to try.

I borrowed a demo pair to try the tellurium q black and bought the demo pair for a reasonable deal.

Another thing worth noting is that tellerium cables take forever to run in so you’d get a better impression from a used or demo set of cables.


“Too crystal clear” doesn’t sound like a negative to me. I’m actually seeking more clarity over NACA5.

Was it that it was too revealing of your electronics?

You might want to consider the new Kudos KS-1 cable at £30 a metre, a few of us on the forum really like it…but home demo is essential. Due to the Corona virus my dealer Signals is using the usual delivery companies for home demo equipment, many others will be doing the same.

I found the trebble too harsh in my setup with TQ Silver. More detailed than the TQ Black I did compare at that time but the emphasis of trebble was too much for me.

My speakers aren’t overly bright to start with so they might just suit my system well. Thanks for confirming the significant extra detail, it’s what I’m after.

What are your speakers?

Russell K Red 120. Nice full deep sound.

Sadly, I am not familiar with these, but I am sure others will ship in. I am under the impression that Russell K is reasonably popular.

I am currently running Ultra Silver jumpers from NACA5 into B&W 804D3 and the difference over the OEM jumpers is huge. Not the cheapest jumpers but well worth the money as presentation far more detailed and refined.

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Right, the conjecture is over. Today I’ve taken delivery of 2 x 3m of Silver II and connected it up to my NAP200

I’ve had it pre run in for 48 hours and so far it’s vastly outperforming NACA5. Supposedly it can benefit from even more running in.

It’s not over bright, no harshness, is more revealing/detailed and the bottom end has been transformed. Bass lines stand out and drums hit hard. It’s clearly a far superior cable but then again it costs a lot more so it should be.

Have nothing bad to say about it whatsoever. The listening continues…


Nice one — please keep us in the loop. :smiley:

jezoakley- it will open up more . I have over 100hrs on my Silver Diamond and it continues to improve. A more “balanced” presentation.Agree with the bass :sunglasses:

What are the specs? I couldn’t find any on their website.

You wont. TQ don’t publish specs for any of their cables.


Right… Not even conductor size?
I’m amazed at their popularity then, would anyone buy an amplifier without a power rating?

After even more listening I can confidently stand by my previous plaudits for the TQ Silver II.

One difference I’ve noticed versus the NACA5 is that the highs are ever so slightly sweeter and rounded with the Silver but it’s marginal. For example, I am missing the particularly sharp ‘acidic’ guitar sounds on certain recordings but it’s not really enough to call a negative. This probably says a lot about the fact there is no harshness at the top end with the TQ Silver.

As for NACA5, I suspect up to a certain point in the Naim range it’s going to be just fine but the bottom line is that in the end, it’s been holding back my ‘humble’ NAP200 so I’d have to conclude it has its limits, albeit at a relatively modest price point.

Overall I’m temped to say that if you want to put some serious daylight between NACA5 and an alternative, ignore the TQ Black, put your hands in your pockets and pay the extra for the Silver. I’ve found it basically all upside and in no subtle terms.

It’s a lovely synergy with my speakers for sure. Anyway, I still have 55 days to return it if I change my mind but I honestly can’t see that happening.