Temperamental ND555


So a few weeks ago my ND555 started playing up. The Naim logo comes on and then goes off, and cycles continuously with the screen doing the same. The only way to correct it is to kill the power on the PS and do a power up. It will then work for some period of time before repeating the same problem.

Anyone got any ideas or experienced anything similar? The firmware is the latest.

It had a problem a firmware update or two ago where the screen would freeze on some album art. For the price, it’s really starting to grate that these problems persist.


I can’t see the Naim logo being driven by firmware so sounds like a hardware problem to me. I maybe wrong however.

It’s presumably under warranty and you should speak to your dealer.

This is a known issue and I believe was already improved once though might still get triggered in small number of cases, but should hopefully be completely resolved in the next firmware update that is expected very soon.

The logo and screen cycling looks like a fault, you should contact your dealer.

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