Temperature curiosity

I notice an oddity with the temperature of my NDX2 and SN3,
They sit side by side on a shelf and normally are completely cool to touch on the top surface but now and again they get a little warm for a while and then cool down again, the odd thing though is they both do this in unison, the only thing connecting them is a lavender and a stereo jack for automation. Just seems odd they track each other’s temperature.

Does the temperature increase when they are in use, or just randomly? I can’t think of any reason why the amp would warm up unless its working hard.

Only when in use but I do leave them on, right now they’re both slightly warm and I’m streaming Tidal for the past few hours but I could check them again in an hour and they’d both be cool. I could understand them getting warm when in use of course but it’s the way they do it together that’s strange, I’d more expect just the amp to get warm and then stay warm, weird.

Silly question: is that objective with a thermometer, or subjective with a hand…a hand that sometimes will be warmer than others?

just using my hand, it’s very obvious to the touch

It’s common for streamers, and some DACs, to run quite warm. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Do they both sit on a shelf within a cabinet ?
As they both use the case as a heat sink, if one gets hot it may warm up the ambient temperature, leaving the other one working harder to cool down.

I’m not in the slightest bit concerned but just curious as to why they both heat up and cool down at the same time, no they’re not in a cabinet just sitting on glass on top of a shelf so plenty of circulation. Just checked them now and they’re both much cooler then they were an hour ago, streaming tidal all along.

No chance your hand was warmer just now than an hour earlier, making them seem cooler just now than then?

Nah, it’s really obvious. They’re both stone cold now!

Unless you’e Having hot flushes!

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