Temporary set up

Getting some work done in the house so I’ve had to move all the furniture out. This is my temporary set up….sounds better than I expected!!


Looks worryingly like a Wimpey home. How temporary is temporary?

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A big change in setup will produce a big change in sound. So much of the time it’s hard at least initially to differentiate between “different” and “better.” Who knows – it might well sound “better” depending on what you like to listen for and hear. It’s all subjective!

It is a Wimpey home, why worryingly?

Different definitely not better in this case, sounds ok though

That’s putting someone on the spot! :+1:

It amused me to realise I could recognise one merely from a photo of one small element. You’ll almost certainly not be able to guess how.

Why “worryingly”? I’ve owned two. A flat and a detached house. At the time of owning the flat I was under the impression nothing could have worse build quality. Then I bought the house and over time have learnt differently.

There were clues from the outset. The back garage wall we had to have rebuilt before completion. Thought my eyes were misleading me but, no, the bricks really weren’t horizontally laid. They really did go up and down like the waves.

Over the years we have discovered and resolved all bar one issue. The trigger for discovery? “Getting some work done.” :frowning:

Underlay Underlay!


In our case ‘getting some work done’ means a full re carpet and paint job. Fortunately the house so far is sound no problems since we bought it as a new build 10 years ago.

Spotted that second. Spotted something else first.

This can depend on the bricks themselves, although i’ll admit some people just can’t lay bricks, regardless. Some makes of modern of these bricks are excruciatingly difficult to lay to the line. Some (most in fact) are like laying with bananas! Since the pandemic the quality of building materials has seriously dropped like a stone! Here are some very difficult bricks to lay, although i haven’t done a rather bad job here if i say so myself :wink:


In our case it was nothing to do with the brick and everything to do with being the last build on the estate and people wanting to speed off to the next job. I’ll have to dig the photos from twenty years ago out.

Imagine as you look from left to right ordinary house brickss rising and then falling by around the height of a brick. Literally like waves and quite astonishing. They looked genuinely taken aback when we said it was coming down and being rebuilt else we would not complete.

Since then we’ve found many things as bad or worse. Inevitably, sorry @knaithrover, these came to light post 10 years. Several of them could have been deadly.

No need to be sorry - I’m sorry you’ve had problems. Our house appears sound as do all our neighbour’s

This is my mate’s garden wall that he built.

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Looking at that wall, I’ve got to assume he’s not a bricklayer.

Does he work in Precision Engineering. :heart_eyes:


The question has got to be asked.

If you thought the flat they built was bad, why, then buy a house they built. :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

Ah, because prior to completion the estate was being built by two builders and ours was small, local and had a great reputation. Then Wimpey bought them both out…

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Correct, not a bricklayer. :grinning:

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Engineering bricks, they’re precise, easy to lay, text book stuff. Unlike ‘handmade’ jobs, all different shapes and sizes, especially laying way above one’s head, and maintaining a clean cavity. :blush:

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Looks like Harbeth SHL5+? What’s the small box sitting in the middle?