Tennis 2

The old thread timed out. Been watching Roland-Garros, Iga Swaitek was simply superb in the ladies final. Looking forward to Nadal vs Ruud tomorrow.

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Really wish I’d seen more of the tournament. I don’t have ready access to it however but caught the last couple of games of a re-run of Nadal/Djokovic on Thursday night whilst staying in a hotel.

Wow Rafa Nadal 14 at Roland-Garros and 22 majors.


Pleased for him, but the younger ones are snapping at their heels now. BTW the Zverev injury made us both cringe!

Yes you felt the Zverev pain from here. Torn ligaments will be a long recovery, wish him all the best.

Snapping at Zverev’s heel even.

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This will stay on memories too, or not….

Well I’d forgotten about it until you raised it.

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I still don’t know what is 1028 days left… however didn’t searched.

All credit to Sky Sports for switching to off court cameras so nobody could see the slogan. I didn’t even know what it was until this post…and I won’t be bothering to find out more.


French tv was showing and commenting. But it lasted not long fortunately.

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