Not sure we have a general tennis thread? Anyway I’m enjoying the French Open, the men’s semis this PM should be great. I love Tsitsipas with the single handed backhand and the match up with Zverev looks good, and then Rafa vs Novak!

Have you watched the match between Djokovic and Musetti?
Musetti was leading. Then Djokovic went for 5 mn break . Very strange how the match reversed after 5 mn break. Strange even. Did he took something, like a drug ?

Of course, no one can’t respond. But it was a
quite a spectacular changement.

I put it down to Musetti’s injury.

I didn’t realised he had an injury… the journalists commenting the match didn’t spoke of that.

Yeah, and he retired before the end.

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"Hey boss. You wanna make these injuries inconspicuous ? "

Last night between Rafa and Novak was simply off the planet amazing.

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