Terillium q black rca Interconnects?

Following my recent disappointment with the new chord shawlines against my chameleon vee3s, I have requested a pair of the terillium q black analogue interconnects which should arrive before the end of the week.

I have read on other forums and websites many positive things about these interconnects but would value any available input from you knowledgeable naim forum members.

I owned one for many years, it was used between Naim DAC and SN2, DIN version. Clearly better than AR Sound Lunar which I had before. It has very spacious and relaxed sound with good clarity. Not the most accurate sound though. When I compared it to Linn Silver, I felt that the sound was all over the place with TQ while Silver’s painted more accurate and pinpoint image. In the end Linn Silver replaced TQ Black in my system. But once again, it’s all about system matching.

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Depends what you are connecting :slight_smile:

I found TQ Black quite OK for the money. But not in the context of a Naim system though.

I am connecting from a chord qutest to a naim nait XS2.

I have an off board DAC (Schiit Yggdrasil) and have RCA - RCA inter connect between it and my NAC 252 … I use Tellurium Q Ultra Black and I am very very pleased with it …

What would you say where the ultra blacks biggest stand out characteristics?

First off I have to correct myself, although it will not change my comments … I have TQ Black Diamond interconnects NOT Ultra Black. The speaker wires are TQ Ultra Black and the interconnect between the NDX and the DAC is a TQ Ultra Silver (in place of a NAIM DC1).

My initial response to the addition of the Black Diamonds was an immediate awareness of how crisp the music sounded. Over time I have tempered this response to realize that besides the crispness there is tremendous sense of clarity … I am able to hear so much more in the music than before.

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Thank you for your input, hopefully the normal blacks have the same traits.
What you describe is generally what I am hoping for, with good instrument separation and just a little warmth too.

I’m also using Linn Silver RCA’s between phono and my 202 pre amp - much better than my previous chord cable and a bit of an unsung hero!

Had the terillium q blacks for a couple of days now, A/Bing with my chord chameleon VEE3s.

The two certainly have similar characteristics - speed dynamics and detail in abundance.

But again I find myself preferring the chameleons.

The chameleons have a slightly brighter presentation with greater clarity, separation and space between instruments, almost holographic!.

Bottom end with the chameleons is tighter and has more impact.

Vocals sound clearer with the chameleons.

Listening to both the chord shawline and terillium q blacks against my chord chameleons vee3s has really made me appreciate my chameleon vee3s a whole lot more and I think they will be staying for the long haul.

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