Terrific (acerbic) restaurant review…

Not sure it is worth a thread, however equally nowhere else to put it, but if scathing restaurant reviews are your thing (à la Jay Rayner’s take down of Salt Bae) then this review is worth reading:

(I know neither reviewers nor restaurant I should say, but they do back up some of their comments with, er, disconcerting photographic evidence)


Extraordinary! Could you make some wine recommendations? I’m astonished, a fine piece of writing.

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The difference is that Rayner’s review is clever and witty, whereas the other one isn’t. These silly tasting menus and small plates rubbish are just ridiculous. What we need is three courses of proper food. I went out for lunch today at the excellent Fat Olives here in Emsworth, proper food on proper plates with good wine and no affectation or pretentious bollocks. Highly recommended.


We had a meal this year in Suffolk at a Jay Rayner recommended restaurant he posted before the pandemic. The service was great, the food was nice but nothing special…….at the end of the day chef,s move on.



some restaurants are good until they are taken over by somebody else. i have experienced this many times.

I once ended up at the …

… after visiting a restaurant.

The value for money concept seems to be missing …

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