Tesla Powerwall?

It is pressurised water nuclear reactor…

A Tesla Powerwall (PW2) like any lithium battery system will last a very long time but yes it’s capacity will decrease.

Renault intended taking used Zoe batteries and using them for domestic battery installs but they’ve found that the batteries aren’t deteriorating at the expected rates which Tesla are also finding.

I can’t comment on the impact of the PW2 on the quality of the hi-fi as I never think about it. As I am listening mainly in the late evening then, at this time of year, the PW2 will be powering the house but, come to that, the Solar PV would be powering it during the day now as well.

I’ll have to do some controlled listening.

I do know that the Naim bits are still buzzing.



Thanks Richard,
I didn’t realise that EPR is a type of PWR. Acronym overload at this end, I’m afraid.
Now the comment makes sense, as EDF’s French & Finnish reactors are taking a fair bit longer than planned to be built.

I’m familiar with Magnox and Advanced Gas Reactors but less so with EDF’s latest design.

The gap between switch-off of the AGRs and commissioning of Hinckley C seems to grow each year, with no Plan B visible, at least to me. Hence the concern about brown outs unless we are going to lay a few more interconnect cables between continental EU and the UK to keep us going in the meantime.

With the latest COP26 related government announcements, the time has passed for a “dash for gas” to happen, as any new gas power station would only be able to operate for a few years before being taken off-line.

In the absence of a UK programme to quickly build a few gas power stations to protect the country, we have decided at a personal level to go local solar & battery back-up, rather than install a natural gas back-up generator. It’s very much a personal choice based on the information that we have to hand.
Each of us will have different information, priorities and perceptions of risk, so will choose accordingly.

Best regards, BF

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