Test CD with last issue of HiFI +

latest 20th anniv issue came with this test CD ( I think by Isotek)
Interesting- tells you about your system and speaker position re soundstage, depth, base and treble extension and bunch of other things. Went through it briefly with my Kudos T88s
Wonder if anyone else tried this disc and what they thought.
FYI I did not make any speaker position changes as yet based on first time through the disc.

Here in the states, the previous issue is now on the news stands. I hope when that issue appears the disc will be with it. I would be interested in trying it, although my system and speakers will not be moved.

They gave out one about some 10 years ago. I have it ripped. A usefull track of noise that I play often at a loud volume to confuse the neighbours.

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Probably also useful for those times when your house guests just won’t leave.

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Or you need new tweeters! I got one too but know my right from my left and red from black terminals. Very little earwax too so no need for this to be loosened or the lathe and plaster ceiling😂

I’ve played the CD twice on my B & W 802/D3’s. Tests confirmed all was wired up correctly. The phase test was interesting as the LH speaker produced some sound coming from its left edge. The RH had a massive amount clearly coming way beyond the right edge. Not that odd as some films have a similar effect. The surround sound was only hinted at.
Nobody listens to test tones for entertainment, I hope! So,an interesting exercise. The music items are recorded at a much higher level were really good audio quality. Good.
Just wish Hi-Fi+ had more music reviews as a few years ago. Its now 2 pages if you are lucky.

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