Testing NDX2

I´m doing a home test of a (4 days old) NDX2 in order to replace my 15 old or so CDX2.
Playing my FLAC ripped CDs on a Sinology NAS not much of a difference till now.
Going to Tidal some troubles, any help welcomed:

  1. Only a minor part of Tidal catalog appears on the app.
  2. Cannot see the resolution of the music played.
  3. Difficult navigation through the Naim App. Sometimes NDX2 plays whatever he likes to play instead what i´m trying to choose in the App.

My final test will be playing the same album/resolution from Tidal, NAS and CD via CDX2.

My system: CDX2 - NAC282 - HicapDR - NAP300DR - Dynaudio Contour S3.4 - VDH Magnum cable.
Standard NAIM power cables. PowerLine that comes with the NDX2 not used till now.

Thks in advance.

What device are you using the Naim app on?

For best results you need an iPad really

Android Samsung mobile.

Have you contacted your dealer?

Yes. But is a Iphone guy also…

The app does work ok on Android
But I gave up on it after a few months and bought an ipad used for £70 and it was like an upgrade in itself…just SO much nicer to use and control

Hi @Louis_lx

I use an iPad and a Samsung phone. I agree with @anon23139555, Naim works better with Apple devices, but Android is ok.

  1. Naim app has access to full Tidal music catalogue but the Naim app Tidal search function is not as good as Tidal app it self. So what I do when I struggle to find something in Tidal via Naim app, is open the actual Tidal app, find what I am looking for and add to my favourites, albums, artists etc. and then it will show up in Naim app under your collection easy to find and use.

  2. In this view you will not see the song resolution

But, if you click the top left button it will change view and show resolution like this

  1. I agree that Naim app still needs lots of work. But I haven’t had the player take over control. It plays what I ask it to do no matter the device. One thing I found is that the PLAY options are different…e.g. if you select a playlist or album and press play it will play it, if you enter playlist and click on specific song you get options of play this song or play from this song forward. Sometimes I hit the wrong selection, walk away expecting the entire playlist to play, then it stops after one song, if I select the right option there is no issue.

Hope this helps in some way, and that you enjoyed the NDX 2.

Thks Timbre,

I have reinstalled Naim App on Android and began doing like you say, searching and choosing in Tidal App(or even in Wikipedia) and then search by album name and play in the Naim App.

And the NDX2 is getting better day by day…

Saturday I will have a friend (valve adicted) here with a IPad to help the testing.
Thks again

Comparing NDX2 streaming from Tidal and my NAS, and the same album in a 2003 CDX2, I was surprised by the almost same quality between NDX2 and CDX2. After 15 years and new DACs, components, circuit optimizations, I would expect a major improvement.
Nevertheless I´m delighted with the NDX2 streaming from Tidal, even with the inferior Android App.
Why not a Windows Naim App ?

try a cisco 2960 switch and a good quality ethernet cable between the switch and the ndx2. It should outperform the cdx2.

Meh, don’t waste your money on a boutique ethernet cable, IMO. Ethernet doesn’t work that way (i.e. it’s not an audio cable), and doesn’t carry digital audio, so it won’t make a difference as long as it’s in spec.

I have a 2960 Cisco but never could tell any difference in sound. OTOH: a refurbished one doesn’t cost much more than a new consumer switch and can be more reliable, so I think that’s a good move to get one.


Good to hear you are liking the NDX 2. I assume it’s relatively new, your CDX 2 would be well run in, NDX 2 will mature with time and I expect the sound to get even better.

I don’t see Naim ever setting up app for MS based systems, apps are designed for portable devices. Even with new MS software which supports apps the design and performance is not that good. But they do have Tidal app that works ok. I definitely prefer using my iPad over my Android phone. Naim just needs to keep working on their app especially for users of streaming services such as Tidal.

I reed here that premium switches have less affect on new Naim streaming platform, so its not a priority for me. I am just using a 24 port Netgear switch at the moment.

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