Thank you Naim audio

I arrived home 1 hour ago after a 12 hour shift, I’m completely spent with COVID and my job.
After a lovely meal prepared by my wife we are sitting in front of our SL2 speakers a glass of wine in hand listening to Jane Siberry “the walking. I wouldn’t normally play this Lp (ever) but the Kelos Sl the Aro the Armageddon the lp12 the 52/135’s are just so good and relaxing. So content right now marvellous!
Thank you Naim audio you make the hard times just that little bit easier to get by :relaxed:


A record I love. Goes better with white wine or a Wrexham lager though.


Whoops its all gone


any pretext is good, considering the times…

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Yep, sitting here with a nice red enjoying the music waiting for tomorrow’s Groundhog Day…… hopefully the storm will be gone tomorrow. Having Mum around for her 85th, had to cancel the big family weekend in Auckland.


Hey Mike a great moment 85! regards to your Mum. Have a great time.

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This statement should really get 1000+ likes. This could have been my 2020 oneliner summary.


Lets be honest a nice wine can make most HiFi systems sing… :slightly_smiling_face:

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“It’s not hifi it’s music!” :rofl:

Yes well you could look at it that way as certain mind altering substances can have a positive affect. But the satisfaction that Naim audio old and new offers is not easily attained not matter what your cup of tea is.

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