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I have taken delivery of my new set up (282/250/hicap/HDX) and I must say I am blown away with it. I have gone from a Uniti/KEF R500, Rega 6 set up and the difference does seem night and day. And to think it will only get better as it burns in ! sadly the RP6 is underwhelming and will need to be changed.

Anyway I am in no way and expert and been on here asking some silly questions for the last few months and got nothing but valid and positive comments from all. A very big and heart felt thank you to all on here for time taken to respond to my questions, it really has made a difference and all feedback was valid. An added bonus is I have found some new stuff to listen to from other great threads.

My other hobbies are cars and watches and I must say this forum knocks others in those arena’s into a cocked hat. There is no one upmanship on here and it really does not seem to matter what equipment you have, it is all about enjoying it. Keep up the great work all and I am well and truly hooked now !


Good to hear Biddler. Although it sounds like the new system is showing up weaknesses with the turntable front end. What cartridge and phono stage are you using with the RP6?

The yellow Rega exact cartridge (MM) and the Rega phono stage, not sure what one it is but it looks same as the power supply, just with another button.

The Rega phono stage is well regarded so it probably isn’t that. There seem to be quite a few positive comments on the Steve Hoffman boards about the Rega Exact, but mostly Americans, not sure why that should be; no other nationailty seems to be as positive. I’ve got one (had it on a RP3) and was never inspired by it, though I could hear some of the good points I’d read about. It never really moved me to play my vinyl. I swapped it out for a Goldring 1042, similar price, but I don’t know whether the RP3 justifies a greater spend. I’m sure the RP6 does.

So, after all that waffling on, I’d sugest trying another cartridge in your RP6, I don’t know what though, having been out of the vinyl field since the late 80s until a year or so ago, but I’m sure someone who knows the RP6 better will be along with recommendations.

I’d be looking at something like an Ania and maybe the Fono MC or better yet, the Aria in the short term, although with the new Planar 8 just emerging, there are probably some cracking deals on an ex dem or s/h RP8/Apheta 2 right now, perhaps even an RP10…? But it’s all a question of money, so perhaps just the Ania and Fono MC could be the perfect next step.

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Welcome, and come talk watches in the “Padded Cell!”

Thanks Richard/TallGuy. I think I will upgrade the TT as the HDX sounds so much better at teh mo so think I might be throwing good money after bad with the RP6.

Bart, I have posted a pic in the watches thread.

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