That’s it for me folks, been a blast

I lurked in the old forum but user friendliness in the new format has drawn me in further. It’s worked well for Naim and my “dealer” as within a few years I’ve upgraded from a superuniti to the 500 series. For the record, HH’s enthusiasm for all things Naim played a significant part. All good.

I see from my summary I have 400 days under my belt and a bunch of badges. Being part of the Naim community has been, for the most part, delightful. From SIS technical points, Toby’s absurd sense of humour (and his (and camphew) contributions to the dinner thread), Ian’s fabulous photography, Mikehughescq (on football)…I could go on. From the music room, my tastes may not have broadened, but are much deeper. Above all, Richard Dane’s moderation of the forum is usually spot on with just the right amount of diplomacy. Admirable.

The above notwithstanding, I don’t wish to be part of a community where my contributions (as opposed to opinions) to a thoughtful and important discussion are censored. Posting an article from the NewYork Times on the Coronavirus without comment - really? If we hide from information that does not fit our narratives, no one benefits.

Best to each and every one of you in these times, even Bhoyu :wink:, .

Thinking of giving Tidal videos a try to soak up a new gap in free time…


Awrabest pal.

I have gradually muted each and every thread on the subject. There are intelligent and thoughtful reads and then there’s the rest. A pi**I*g contest remains that no matter how superior the interjects involved. The lack of insight into the anxiety such things cause to others is revealing of itself.

The forum, much like the world, struggles with views outside the norm (probably why you like my footy posts but nothing else :)) as they define it and a form of right wing libertarianism tends to prevail.

I hear your reasons for leaving and I fully respect them. I’d love to persuade you otherwise but we all have our red lines and it’s often a straw which breaks… etc.

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I’m so pleased my contributions have helped your enjoyment of music, which is hopefully what brings us here. Maybe just ignore the forum for a while and maybe return later. These are difficult times and we all need a bit more love and support.


You’d not want to just sleep on it? Sounds like for the most part you’ve found it a positive experience and have been greatly frustrated by the last 2%. No forum is perfect and personalities rub against each other in stressful times. On the other hand, it if was a free for all, it would soon turn into Reddit and we all know what an offensive slinging match that forum is.

I don’t always like the rules either but, the forum isn’t a democracy and to some extent we accept that go with it and the result is pretty darn good; greater civility than most other forums; and I think things rarely go so far that a nights sleep doesn’t resolve it.

The forum is nothing without diverse members, Why not just put the padded cell out of your mind and share your insights on the other channels while all this blows over? We’d all prefer that than to see you go.

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I just looked up absurd. Forgotten what it meant. Thanks. XX

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It’s only stereo kit mate. Take it easy.

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Exactly, thats why I’m cynical about this place, i offered someone some help and it was immediately deleted.

Also EVERYTHING has a political angle, tax, prices, dealers, the market all censored.

Just be aware this place is for Naim not us. Or it wouldn’t be here. A Naim customer for 35y too.


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Sad that you are leaving, sorry that things turned personal. Personally, I found the article informative. I like to be open minded, and perhaps a little thick skinned.

Keep waving the Naim flag …

Whilst I think it is a pity certain topics are banned on this forum, I personally think the rules are clear and understandable, and not overrestrictive, and Richard’s moderation against them has generally seemed reasonble and even-handed. An exception, perhaps, is when an otherwise good thread has been pulled purely due to the antics of one or two extreme individuals, rather than removing those specific contributions (but I recognise that may be because the effort then of weeding out may be excessive).

When it gets tricky is where discussion starts to get political, but not overtly - inevitably different people - in this case the moderator and the poster - sometimes may have different opinions as to whether it is political within the terms of prohibition required by Naim (and the same applies to linked info). But it is not personal, simply policy.


Specifically about the removed link to NY times…it wasnt so objectionable but informative.

:small_blue_diamond:@Innocent_Bystander,…This happened to me in my interesting thread a few months ago about…
“Powerstrips - Powerblocks”.

Where I,.and many others had contributed with many advices and tips.
As well as spending a lot of time putting in pictures and text-material,.this thread just disappeared.
According to me,.it would have been better to delete the posts that were inappropriate.

•Because there was very relevant information in that thread that just disappeared.

After that,.I decided to cut down on my involvement on this forum.
It is not worth spending time on contributing knowledge and experience,.which perhaps all of a sudden just disappears.
It feels more respectful towards the OP and those who contributed in the thread,.if only inappropriate material is removed.

•An exception,.my “Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania”-thread.

I understood that the thread maybe would get large/long,.but not that it would reach these proportions.

Although Mains,Powerstrips,Powerblocks-threads etc must be moderated harder for security reasons,.it is Always better to do it and leave the thread.

I personally was very disappointed when that thread disappeared.
Because I had put a lot of commitment into that thread,.so I understand the OP’s disappointment.

In Sweden we have a rule,.removing a thread is never popular,and should be the absolute last solution if nothing else works…Absolutely last solution.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:


The problem is that Richard would have to spend hours and hours removing individual posts, together with any links and replies that no longer make sense. It’s simply too time consuming and therefore the complete thread has to go.

The forum rules are very very clear and it’s not difficult to follow them. If people don’t like the rules they don’t need to play. I look sometimes at another uk based hifi forum which has an off topic area full of highly charged political discussion, but somehow it muddles along without people throwing their toys away or acting like complete arses, which so often happens here. Politics would never have been banished if people had behaved like respectful adults, but they didn’t and as ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Anyway there is far too much anger in the world and the forum is a far nicer place without the politics. Be kind.


I think it’s ok if someone decides to remove themselves from any form of social media, It’s all about choice. If you participate you need to conform to the rules, there are rules no matter where you live (or hide).

I don’t envy Richards job, but we must respect his decisions even if effects you.

Didn’t read the NY Times article that sparked this thread and @Petersfi response but he is not the first to experience moderation and it’s a shame he now feels he should move on as result. We need a mix of opinions and personalities on this forum, otherwise it just becomes boring and one dimensional. So Pete, have a rest and rethink and hopefully you’ll be back.

That may of run afoul of the event horizon post concept. Richard stated there is a brand(s) that absolutely do not want their products or even name mentioned on the forum. I call it the event horizon post because even telling us the name is forbidden so we can never actually know which brand triggers this. But I doubt that is why we are losing dear Petersfi.

The rules are clear and I think the main frustration is that people like discussing things with people they sort of know, but that can burn bridges on certain touchy topics. To some degree I can imagine how a moderator would just wish the Padded Cell was mundane crap like “what peanut butter do you like?” I know I do. The temptation to post on threads that are burning topics is great but not always constructive. And I am the first to admit to falling into this trap all the time and regretting it. We’re only human though.

none of the above long paragraphs fit the reason what the OP left for

his explanation is clear in the 2nd part of his 3rd para

all the long posts subsequently have used a lot of english but not come to that particular point

anyways i think this thread may be closed soon.

stay safe.

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I have had moments when I absolutely thought the best thing to do was leave but being able to view a thread title; go to it and mute it has proven invaluable for my general online wellbeing. For all the badge nonsense that’s a huge help.

I have no idea what was the content of the linked article. But if it broke forum rules - e.g if it was overtly political, or racial then it wouldn’t be allowed however good or independent anyone think is was. Note I say if because I know no detail. (The same would apply if it included anything else breaking forum rules like including the name of a prohibited hifi brand, or Including adverts for hifi stuff.) And unlike a post that might refer to something against forum rules but with the remainder of a post acceptable, with a linked article the offending bit can’t be edited out by a moderator, only removal of the link.

As for a lot of English, that has either been people’s explanation of their understanding, or their own views…

perhaps you ought to read the posted article and then comment…

if you arent aware of what was posted and what was removed then your post makes no sense ( to me atleast )

Stay safe…

I am not on this thread anymore…

I did make clear that I hadn’t read it, and therefore qualified my response with ‘if’. My observation is therefore entirely valid. And without a link to the article I can scarcely go and read it to inform myself!

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