That's odd. Sticky speaker cone?

I just spotted a lump of fluff on the surface of the speaker cone on one of my ATC SCM19’s.

This would be the mid/bass driver, in between the central dome and the outer, raised ring.

On investigation. I noticed that this surface on both speakers felt sticky.

Is this normal? :thinking:

Yes, doped cones with a ‘sticky’ feel are fairly common. I have sometimes wondered about long term change arising from dust sticking, though I guess it is negligibe.

ATC drivers are like this. Be careful if you attempt to pick the fluff off, the sticky film can easily peel off. Happened to me once.

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Thanks for the advice !!

I saw once that a video of dynaudio on how to clean tweeter. Their advice was to: just dont touch the tweeter. I totaly agreed whit them, first is not necessary performance wise, second it can be sad and expensive to make a mistake by trying to clean them.

I feel.the same for the mid-woofer of the 19 and the mid dome of all ATC product.

How did you repair your 19 mid btw ?

ATC were kind enough to repair the driver for free - it was a new speaker.

ATC are a fantastic company.

I agreed, ATC is a very very nice company

Well, they do make exceedingly good ones.

Perhaps they should get into the cake market… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking:

Interesting though that the newer 11, 19 versions with the metal grill are far less sticky than the older square versions, it looks like atc have changed the compound or applied it to the rear of the cone as they are also a more matt finish and the weave of the polyester is more visible, my old 19’s were glossy and tacky but my new ones are not any where as near…

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