"The 100 Best Albums of the 21st Century."

Came across this, a couple of years old.

I found this list falls into 3 groups.

  1. Never heard of them! ( a substantial chunk)
  2. Aware of them but don’t own any! ( another substantial chunk)
  3. Those I own! I must be getting old, I only own 1 of them. Number 71.

Who fairs better than I do, and are there any I really should own??


I’ve got none of them

Oh dear


I have 12 , but hardly any of these I would regard as essential.

Is that anthemic rap with a silent C?

I’ve got two, Fleet Foxes and Amy Winehouse Back to Black.

I’ve got 3. Blimey. I must be stuck in the last century

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I have three, but several copies of the no. 1 album.

I have 8 - I must be hipper than most of you lot :rofl: :joy:

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I have three from the list, but a lot of other 21st century material, just not on this list

i have the Radiohead’s ones.
(and, )excluding Amy winehouse, that is “mea culpa”, i wouldnt pick any.

ps.:(ok, Bowie’s the second i would consider)

I’ve got ten of them, so there’s hope yet … though I agree with @morrissey , above, that I don’t consider any of them as being essential.

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I own Bon Iver, David Bowie and Joanna Newsome. I stream a little Amy Winehouse, but I’m clearly an old fart. I’m surprised Taylor Swift’s last few offerings don’t make the list, they were a pleasant surprise when I was invited to listen to them and Evermore is very listenable.

Got 12 or 13ish.

But - no Ese And The Vooduu People?!

FAIL :laughing:

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36 for me! I’m definitely down with the kids!


Not sure how anyone can even consider assessing and compiling a best of 21st century when only two decades have passed!

I wonder what a 100 best records (of whatever format) of the 2oth century would come up with, being the first century of recorded music, and covering such a huge array of musical interests.


27 for me, which I’m surprised at!

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I also own 27 of them.

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I’ve got 14.

Maybe one or two of those i would consider essential…

I have 8 of them

Snap. But my sentiment is not oh dear, rather not surprised!


just 1 for me . . . i confess to not having evolved much after the 80s. clearly getting old . . .