The 2019 Naim new products


Hi Chris, try Musichi Tagger, it’s probably the best tool for classical music tagging


Love the MusoMe idea


Thanks Thomas, I’ll investigate that, first with the trial version using the back up library on my PC. I wonder if it would catalogue and organise the music library on my SSD in the Core


Musichi Tagger won’t organize your music (well not directly). Your music is organised by the Core. The Core organizes your music using the tags within your files.

This means you have to tag your files on your computer first using Musichi Tagger, then transfer them to your Core.

Musichi Tagger was designed with classical music in mind.

They have a nice documentation regarding how to tag classical music : The Zen of Classical Music Tagging.


Thanks again Thomas, I have downloaded the trial and will do some experimenting with it. I’m grateful for telling me about this.


No doubt Naim will release something new or updated in 2019. That said their product range is very comprehensive so possibly a period of consolidation.




I think it is about time that the pre amplifier line up was updated. After all the basic designs go back to the NAC102/82/52 of the early nineties. My ideas would be:

NAC202 replacement: A SN2 without the power amplifier. Should retain the SN2 headphone output.

NAC282 and NAC252: Delete the record output buttons and on the 282 find a way to lose the NAPSC requirement.


Major improvements to the Naim App. Include the following features: Better methods to organize playlists created from your CORE…i.e. change order of tunes within the playlist; i.e. change the order of playlists; i.e. have the ability to organize playlists into groups or folders… Be able to create Smart playlist algorithms, i.e Apple. Be able to rate or score an album and/or a tune. Ability to add metadata or change metadata on downloaded tunes.
Firmware updates to the NAC 272 would be nice…please don’t out-date this brillant preamp/streamer.


Hear hear!



How about some sort of mains device to ensure a mains supply to meet that ideally required by Naim’s various power supplies and boxes?

So we all have a great mains supply regardless of the time of day and the quirks and variations of, in the case of the U.K., the National Grid.



Now that’s the one thing I. This thread that I would really want :+1:


I thought a link to another thread might be relevant here.


Super Lumina interconnect for Superline to 552 with 24V power feed please


Qobuz integration for all streamers and Tidal MQA on demand.
Naim ethernet cables and a Super Lumina DC1


CD6 player


Vote SL Snaics.


I’d buy it! I think that’s a great idea.


Carefull there,so many 2018 wishes and we ended without the cd5xs and cdx2.Anyway i think replacement for the 202 and 282 with the silly little box integrated inside willl be a step forward for our box count.


If I understand correctly, adding a second 555 PS to the ND 555 improves performance because the analogue and digital circuits each have a dedicated power supply. If my understanding is correct, maybe Naim could introduce a matching pair of products: 555 PS-A DR for the analogue circuit and 555 PS-D DR for the digital circuit.

Or maybe Naim already tried it and determined that neither the cost savings nor the elevation in performance justified putting this idea into production.

Or maybe my understanding of why adding a second power supply makes a difference is incorrect.


It does make a difference, but £7k is a lot of money. I cannot afford at the moment, but it’s on my list but a better preamp would probably make a bigger bang for the buck as they say.


Not that any of this is likely in my wildest dreams but here goes:

  1. A high level phonostage, it’s sometime now since we got the Superline ( I have actually covered this one now )
  2. A high level version of the snaxo, it’s sometime now since we got the 362
  3. Burndies, I’m sure these could be improved