The 2019 Naim new products


Their time has past .


A Naim app for smart TVs.
Whilst listening, my telly screen will show accompany “videos” and images.


Not specifically for 2019, but perhaps an ongoing programme of upgrading the classic range (NAP/NAC) performance that can be retrofitted by the factory. I say this without any knowledge of electronic engineering so haven’t got the faintest idea of whether further worthwhile improvements are possible within the constraints of the current circuit design architecture and physical parameters… but the earlier DR programme seems to have been wildly successful that didn’t alienate existing owners who either took the DR upgrade option or decided to buy new DR spec products.


The Naim product range seems too broad (cluttered even) but this is perhaps a sign of the times. I was looking at the BMW web side yesterday and the number of different models, which in turn have a great number of variations, seems to have grown exponentially.

But I digress, in spite of the above there are three gaping holes in the product range. I am naturally referring to a Statement phono stage, streamer and active filter.

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This morning I thought it would be great to have a Naim radio/streamer for the shower – like the ones John Lewis does. Obviously, the Naim radio/streamer would be much better, and we could use the multi-room function in the NaimApp to align the shower radio with the Muso QB in the bedroom… :bath::bath::bath:



Wait for April 1, it will be announced then traditionally.


As owner of a NDX 2 and a Naim Atom I’d like to see:

  • Update on Airplay2 on all devices
  • Integration of Apple Music into the Eco System similar like Tidal and Spotify
  • A Mu-so QB like speaker wich ich Bathroom compatible (heat and humidity resistant)
  • UNITI CORE update in Classic style



I’d like a Mu-so Qb in Black (like the Uniti models).


My fingers are crossed. I’d really really LOVE some new NACA6. Also please don’t do like the Powerline lite and only have a UK version. Show some love for North America. lol.


What is it that you’d like to see with a new speaker cable? If you really want to spend more money, there’s always the SuperLumina …


I’d just like to see some updated NACA5 speaker cable. I’m sure Naim could produce a NACA5 replacement, same price point or a little higher, something a little more flexible please. lol. I aspire for SuperLumina but I’m not at that level yet. Interconnects have Lavender, Hi-line and SuperLumina, how about NACA5, NACAx, SuperLumina. :slight_smile:

It’s just a thought! I doubt it will come to fruition but it’s fun to dream.


You’re probably right DB. Not forgetting an SL SNAIC too…


To put the display issue of the uniti series in perspective, we are already 1.5 years from when the product was first launched and this requirement to turn off display has been given. I find it hard to understand why is this taking so long or considered a low priority.


High priority = affects sales numbers.
Medium = affects sound quality
Low = everything else


FZ, I think you have the order wrong - sound quality is always top priority.


Am I the only person who immediately thinks of Frank Zappa when Richard says “FZ”?



And I gave Over-nite Sensation a spin over my morning cuppa. Dinah-Moe Humm. What are the chances?


Nope. So do I!:joy::crazy_face:


is Franz Zappa on your top priority albums?:star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


didn’t understood a single word…sorry