The 2019 Naim new products


Over-nite Sensation is a Zappa album, Dina-Moe Humm is a typically tasteful Zappa song about a relationship from that album, so FZ is telling me he listened to a FZ album this morning. :grinning:


i understand, somedays you can feel that you have to listen to an artist specially…
For Zappa, i prefer the debut 70’s albums with George Duke and jean luc ponty. More jazz fusion like…


As the great Vulcan philosopher once said: fascinating!:vulcan_salute:


from display issue to naim audio priority to Franz Zappa…what’s next? Fascinating have you said?




Room correction for the Nova


Why not use the Roon DSP. You might like Roon as well.



I do use Roon, thanks…I’d love for the Nova to have a more robust room correction though, perhaps a USB microphone that analyzed speaker placement and frequency distortion


@Simon-in-Suffolk has done that using REW. He is very interested in what Roon can do and may have found a way to produce a room correction filter for Roon from the REW data. I expect he will respond and tell you more.

@Innocent_Bystander has recently posted on his use of REW to get the best speaker position. Clearly DSP correction is best used once the basic speaker/room synergy is worked out.



I love the design of his gear. Beautifully done.


…so do we see some new stuff in may @ highend fair in munich?


Nobody will know for sure, but I don’t expect this … 3 new streamers have been put on the market recently with still some issues to solve in the Uniti Series … hope Naim will sort this out before jumping into something new …