The 250 has landed!

After a 20 year wait…I have finally have a Nap250.

I’ve been using a Nap 140 that I had serviced in 2020, and that has been a delight.

System now is a Rega P6/Ania and a Chromecast audio/Spotify front end with a Nac72/Hicap/250.

The speakers are passive mk1 SBL’s.

Plugged the 250 in today and gave it an hour to warm up before being overwhelmed by curiosity…and I’m pleased to say pretty much all I’ve heard is true! The thing that struck me the most even in its 1st hour of warm up, is the control it has over busier tracks. Baker Street for example no longer sounds so frantically unhinged. It just sounds more layed out…almost calmer, but in a good was. Imaging too has definitely taken a step in the right direction.

I should add that this is all olive series and is all in its service envelope.

I’m very much looking forward to hearing the 250 in the weeks and months ahead!

One question. Does one leave the 250 on permanently, or switch it on an hour or two before listening?

Many thanks



Always on :+1:

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Nice. Leave it on.

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Congrats! Mine is always switched on!

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You haven’t heared what your system is capable of! Add a good dac between the chrome cast and the 72 and a massive improvement will happen. Suggesting a Chord Hugo or NDac.

Sorry, this costs money.

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Great to hear Clive

I know what you mean about being calmer and much more in control.

It will benefit ftom being left on 24/7 but should still be enjoyable if you don’t like to leave things on

Thanks chaps

I left the 140 on all the time so I’ll do the same.

Also intend to flesh the digital side of things out with a Naim streamer at some point. Although for the money, the Chromecast audio punches well above is weight.

Many thanks


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I went from an Olive 140 to a CB250 (very late model) and loved it. Enjoy listening to your album collection again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations! …enjoy the music for years to come.

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Demonstrating just how capable the 250 is, whilst my two Supercaps are in at Naim for DR and with the 252/300 removed from the system, I connected in the Olive 82, CB HiCap and CB 250 from my second system, fed from CD555 and two 555PSs. Sounding more than good - surprisingly so !

If nothing else it proves that my Supercaps most definitely needed a service.


The Naim upgrades are always admirable! I went from a 150x to a 200. It changed everything, I am not sure about trying a 250. Smaller cheaper upgrades on connectors and cables etc as recommended by my local Leicestershire Naim dealer are welcome, sometimes invaluable. Sadly Naim have stopped making stand alone DAC’s. I use Roon on a NUC, with an SSD for the windows 10 and Roon Rock software, along with a now discontinued March DAC the Roon Rock OS is complicated to get working with a USB DAC. DSD is a real eye opener (or should that be ear?) I would suggest upgrading your digital sources, and try Qobuz. The Naim offerings are still great if you can get one, the latest firmware upgrade allowed DSD64, which is the same encoding used on SACD. I have my personal CD collection ripped to an SSD drive, and subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz, preferring the latter.

I have a 202 preamp, stageline, 3rd party power supply, Kudos KS1 and X3 speakers. I am a Pink Triangle owner, along with a AO RB300 upgraded arm, all looked after by the Leicestershire dealer.

Maybe when I get closer to retirement I might treat myself to what ever could be an upgrade? I think Naim should introduce a version of the 282 without a balance control, and there is no need for the bottom row of source buttons, people tend not to record a lot these days, here’s hoping… :frowning:

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