The 300 Series - Just Listening Experiences

That could well be and likely why I was never convinced to go all in on the old classics. The NC has removed the veil and revealed the music. In the end we’re all winners, if you prefer the old classics they’re getting discounted and represent a real value proposition now. And the NC offers more SQ with fewer boxes so decent value for those who prefer the NC sound.


I recall many conversations about improving neutrality and openness which were not well received by those who thought that was not what Naim was about, that neutral implied sterile and openness was a hifi artefact. Maybe open and neutral is the new PRaT.


The good thing is the New Classics excel in PRaT. More so than the Classic Series which seem slow in comparison. Note: this does not mean they lack PRaT.


That hasn’t changed.

The NAC 52 does that for me every day.


Same here, very early 52 and 52PS :sunglasses:


I’ve had another listen to the same configuration today and the sound is more refined. The anomaly I heard now sounds pretty natural, much like @Marq described it.

The dealer says the 350 is still improving day by day.


Heading into day 3 of the 332/300. Was listening to 10,00 Maniacs Unplugged.

The timing is just so much tighter. On Eat for Two for example: The way the guitar and strings interacted and played off of each other just made so much more sense. The section where it slows a bit was really accented and the ache in Natalie Merchant’s voice was palpable.


Looks like i will be joining this topic tomorrow :+1:
Pick up from dealer in the morning.

More to follow once i have the said item in my sweaty palms.


It’s a good album for timing. I had a system for a short period that threw the timing all over the place and it was this album that made me really notice it.


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Great update. Any chance of commenting on the same music with just the 332 and no 300?

I may do that later out of curiosity. and need as The Burndies are still really stiff. @110dB I assume they should be relaxed/massaged like the previous ones?


Sounding pretty good with the NC 222/300/250 as well. First time I have played the album on this setup. So much musicality filling the soundstage


Just. Wow. That’s it


Hi @nicnaim, yes, give them a good shake.

Just before fitting them hold the two connectors ends the correct way up, just as if you’re about to plug them in. Check the large location lugs on the two Burndy connectors are facing upwards - one each end, see photo.

Then shake them to relax into a natural catenary curve (the shape a string forms when hung by the two ends).


What does this do?

I dunno the technical reason, but it does work.

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De-stresses the cables.

Cables don’t like being forced or twisted into place.

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Somehow this has passed me by, which is another way of saying I haven’t done it. Looking forward to the improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

Interested to hear your thoughts on the 332 without the 300 if you have the opportunity…I don’t have rack space (or funds!) the 300 also…