The amazing BBC Olympic Studio. Where is it?

I have been amazed at the BBC’s rather snazzy Olympic Studio and in particular the amazing scenery it is set in.

It is, of course, Virtual Reality, but it is rather special. Even the trees near the window blow in the breeze.
However, I would like to know where this lovely looking Ski resort backdrop is supposed to be? Sometimes out side you can see the local wildlife. I have seen:
Polar Bears,
Red Deer.
I may have missed others.


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Polar Bears live only in the northern hemisphere, and penguins in the southern. Presumably therefore it’s not supposed to be anywhere particular.


I think you’ll find, penguins can be found in the northern hemisphere.

In the Galapagos Islands.:nerd_face:

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I’ve never seen them in a Skiing resort.

I’ve seen them at London Zoo. That’s definitely Northern Hemisphere.


I’ve seen a speedboat in Courchevel 1850, so penguins wouldn’t surprise me at all :joy:


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