The Association of Pedantic Naim Owners will now come to order

Has anyone noticed that when downloading the owners’ manuals for preamplifiers from the Naim website, the document misspells the word as “premplifiers”?

Given some of the questions on here, I’d assumed that no one read the manuals …


manual ? my car used to have a MANUAL transmission. :laughing:

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I used have a Manual, he was from Barcelona :laughing:


There’s a manual?

Might I suggest a new name for the Association.

Pedantic Exponents of Detailed Accurate Naim Technicalities.


Wow, I didn’t know you could change the gearbox from a manual one to an auto, but I suppose anything is possible given a sufficiently skilled mechanic/engineer.

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More importantly, and perhaps belonging in a different forum, is anyone else tired of the BBC’s reporters overuse and incorrect usage of the word ‘potential’.

It’s much easier on older/classic cars, though you’d have to be pretty keen an autos to swap an older manual for the correct aged auto box. Converting autos to manual seems reasonably popular though, especially on cars such as the AM Vanquish, though Work’s Service will charge a handsome sum for doing so.

Just pondering some Phantom speaker cable on the Witch hat website and noticed some more pedantry.

It is described as having “internal width of copper, 6mm2”. I think they mean cross sectional area in mm2 not width.


Isn’t it your fault finding that is pedantry, rather than the fault. :wink:

Or am I now being a pedant?

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Thats because they don’t deal in facts, everything is then “potential” Ever noticed how so much of what the “say” "is “in” “quotes” thats why.

…they also use tautology…‘could potentially cause’ etc etc.


Not sure how that particular phrase is an example of tautology? It doesn’t seem in any way tautological to me, though I think it would read better ‘potentially could cause”.

I read it as tautological, perhaps you don’t.
Something has the potential to happen and something could happen…this also bypasses the difference between might and may.

Is this one of those “me, and she, and Manual the pool boy” kind of deals? If so, I don’t want to watch and am unsubscribing from the thread. :man_shrugging:

There are a couple of businesses (at least) who convert Land Rover defenders from manual to auto

That is an abomination , though I did stop at a lodge in Africa where they were trialling an electric Defender .

It scared the elephants as it was silent.

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Come to the U.S. - won’t notice a thing that is said by the bbc. :grinning: