The Beatles broke my Nait2!

Nait2 faulty RHS channel - has anyone else suffered this issue?

Merrily listening to A Hard Day’s Night this afternoon, and suddenly the right channel volume on my Nait2 drops, to such a degree I thought it was a problem with the track, nope, all correct with the Mono rip. Tried every source / channel and they have the same issue.

The weird thing is, the RHS channel is not completely dead, and there is some high frequency audible, albeit at a slightly lower volume compared to the LHS, but nothing from the lower frequencies at all, so I thought the bass driver had blown, but all fine (tested with my UQ2).

I’ll drop Darran at ClassA a line and see what he thinks, as he was the one who serviced it. The really frustrating thing is, the Nait2 was only serviced in June 2020! Grrr.

Luckily, the UnitiQute2 is fine, and normal service resumed for the rest of the working day.

Have you tried giving the balance control a few twists side to side ?


“Nait2 faulty RHS channel - has anyone else suffered this issue?” - Tomorrow never knows?

Hope you get back to where you once belonged.


I was hoping someone would go there! :laughing:

Thanks James. Yes, I’ve tried all the obvious things prior to posting (should have said in the OP), but to no avail, one channel is still out. Really frustrating as it was only serviced in July 2020.

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Just thought I’d ask. Darran will get it sorted for you :+1:

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Yes, dialogue open so hopefully it’ll be winging its way back to Sheffield soon.

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The volume pot has either gone or more likely has broken (a joint has detached) at the pcb. This can happen by pushing/pulling the volume knob, the connection is very delicate. I have had a few go on Naits over the years.

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Yes, Darran got back to me last night and thought the same about the failed volume pot, so hope that’s all it is. It’s weird if that is the problem. Since it was serviced, the Nait has sat on its shelf and has only been moved twice to swap rack position, so I have no idea how or if the volume button has been pressed in.

The channel drop was literally mid track, and I thought the the Naim App had suddenly selected one of The Beatles stereo versions, it was that pronounced, hence the thread title.

The channel separation of The Beatles can sometimes be crushing!

Hope your Nait 2 gets well soon, mine sends best wishes! I tend to not touch its volume control at all and it stays pretty much at a fixed position. I suppose a recent service cannot guarantee against faults but you are in good hands.

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