The Beatles Deluxe

Hi to all,

I was wondering if the, Deluxe version of the, White album on vinyl has ceased production? I’m having a hard time finding a copy at the moment although it is available on Amazon UK, but I’m a bit reluctant to buy from them due to previous vinyl nightmares.

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I doubt whether Amazon are pressing them. The worst case scenario is they give you your money back. Surely worth the chance?

I apologise if I’m being a bit silly, but what is the ‘Beatles Deluxe’ edition? Is it available (or not) on LP or CD?

This has passed me by entirely, until now at least.

I understand the reference to ‘The White Album’, but I was wondering about the ‘deluxe’ reference in the thread title.

The title used is Beatles (White Album) [super deluxe]

The Beatles have been offering deluxe or super deluxe versions of albums, starting with Sgt Pepper, for some years now (also the White Album, Abbey Road and Let It Be - a version of Revolver is due later this month). These have all included remixed versions of the original album, done by Giles Martin. As well as box sets with CDs and BluRay there have also been corresponding vinyl releases, which include the remixed album and some or all of the unreleased material, versions, etc. Formally, both the Super Deluxe CD box sets and the vinyl box sets have been limited editions and have gradually disappeared from the market. Sometimes Amazon seem to be left with stock, perhaps because they can afford to order large numbers, unlike smaller retailers.

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My error I should’ve wrote,’super deluxe’ but anyways I’m still looking for this version of the album.

Thanks to all for your comments :+1:

Maybe I’ve been lucky, never had a negative experience with Amazon LPs …so far.

I’ve just had another look on Amazon and I was correct all along.

The ‘deluxe’ version referred to the 4 LP version, and the ‘super deluxe’ refers to the multi CD, Blu-ray version.

A tad confusing at first glance :grin:

I think the 4LP is ‘Special Super Deluxe’ :wink:

Clearly you’re not a Pink Floyd sort of chap!

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My Floyd albums are all rather older than Amazon.


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