The best cable for TV -> Uniti Atom connection

Hi, I wanted to ask, which cable gives the best audio quality for TV to Uniti Atom connection?

I have Sony Bravia TV and it has HDMI, Optical, Coaxial and RCA audio outputs.

Currently I have cheap HDMI cable of In-akustik brand. It works, but I think I can improve audio quality using better quality HDMI or one of the other cables. I often watch concerts, movies, YouTube videos, etc… and if it possible to improve TV audio quality, I would like to do that. Currently audio from TV sounds very flat, it seems like dynamic range is reduced. Also I’m not sure if this is cable problem or TV problem in general. However I would like to try improve audio quality investing in better cable.

As optical output transmits no electrical noise, maybe that would be the best solution?

And also, what class of cables would be the best option? For example, let’s take AudioQuest Optical/Toslink. There are Pearl, Forest, Cinnamon, Carbon, Vodka and so on… I was thinking about Cinnamon or Carbon class. Won’t it be too good for TV?

Or maybe there are some other solutions, like some kind of filters I can use to improve audio signal from TV?

I use the optical out from both of my TVs to a Nova and NDX2. I use HDMI from the Bluray and Apple TV’s to the TVs. I’ve just used the best available cables from local appliance shops.

I have Sony Bravia same as you. Initially I have a Uniti Star and using HDMI and it loses connection often. I use HDMI so my parent can use just the Sony remote to control volume. But whenever the TV is standby for some time it needed the dance of switch on and off the Star for it to recognise for brief moment. Very frustrating this HDMI ARC thing.

About the sound quality and sounding flat. I have this experience also. For normal televised shows and Netflix the dialogue seems fine and centralised even if I have no Center Speaker. But for movies in Apple TV, I dunno why it always seems like I can’t hear their dialogue.

I now changed to separate with NDX 2, 252, 250 and using normal Optical. Have to said nothing changed, dialogue still sound tiny on Apple TV movies.

I have no idea why. I feel maybe need Center Speaker. Or is it Hi-Fi equipment is not for home theatre jobs?

Like the other replies, I use an optical link from my Sony Bravia to my NDX.
This is used for TV transmissions & for BluRay via TV
Like the others, I find the sound is OK, better than from the Bravia itself, better if it’s BluRay content, but it’s uninspiring.

I don’t use any audio out from the screen itself, i use the AQ Cinnamon optical from Sky Q box to Ndac. Also have a Nordost Blue Heaven figure 8 mains cable into the sky box. Sounds very good with music, movies and Emmerdale.
Did used to have a lip sync issue doing it this way, but after swapping in the inexpensive Goobay 72318 hdmi from the sky box to the screen, it’s been spot on.
Most of the latest screens now have captive mains cables. If yours doesn’t it could be worth trying an aftermarket upgraded one to see if that adds anything.

IIRC, I used to use an optical Toslink to my 52 (?), now I use the audio out from my Bravia over my LAN into the 52.

The sound is good, clarity for dodgy films and series, central for normal tv, and good stereo when necessary. My Apple TV feeds by HDMI into the Bravia; I’ve not had any sound problems streaming film or series.

Thanks to everyone. I’ll try better quality Toslink cable first and see if it helps.

The same problem with my Atom. It is very difficult to connect it to TV via HDMI. It is Atom/Star/Nova software problem I think.

As for sound quality I’m beginning to think that TVs do double signal conversion. I mean they convert digital signal to analogue. And at the output analogue signal is converted to digital again. And the streamer once again converts digital signal to analogue. So the process is d->a->d->a. Seems illogical, but it is easier to implement in software level. I’ve read it yesterday on one audio forum, but not sure if it can be true.

But if it is true, then the best audio quality should be perceived using high quality RCA cable.

I take my straight out of the Sky box or Blu Ray player into a small Pro-Ject DAC and get really good sound . Use the HDMI only for picture

I have two LG OLED TV’s, SkyQ, and run fairly bog standard HDMI cables into two Novas, good results, no complaints

Yes. Taking digital feed from the screen - you could have the sound coming through god knows what processes… If you have an option to try rca then try it, you will be relying on the screens quality of d to a processing if the screens content is taken from a digital feed.
Best then to bypass that and take the digital audio feed from the device sending digital content to the screen.
Most of today’s screens have no rca analogue output anyways.

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Same here! Aside from having only one LG OLED and one Nova. And no SkyQ. But I use a vile Amazon branded HDMI cable between them and have no complaints*

*aside from a recent LG software update that seems to leave my TV on HDMI ARC rather than reverting back to internal speakers when the Nova is switched off. But that’s not for here…

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