The best is WiFi or Cable?

Advice to ask Naim technicians to connect ND5 xs2. Which is preferable between: a) airport extreme in WiFi or with cable and precisely b) Telecom modem router + ethernet qed performance graphite towards the first power line Devolo 650 av + ethernet Chord e-stream from the second power line to the naim.emphasized text


WiFi on the new streamers is pretty good, and if it allows you to turn off the Devolos that may help to improve your sound quality.

Best advice is:

Best SQ: Wired with direct run of good quality Ethernet Cat 5+ to a high quality Ethernet Switch with a low noise power supply.

Easiest to achieve ok SQ : WiFi

Easiest to b****r up for SQ : wired into Ethernet over power adapters or crappy ISP broadband routers, or poorly terminated cables or inappropriate shielding or Ethernet chain devices with crappy switching power supplies… etc etc…


A good implementation of Wired Ethernet between the Streamer and the Music Server is always going to be better than a shared Wired Connection however easier to implement IMO.

For all other aspects then WiFi is fine and easy to use.



Hoping not to stray off thread. Does anyone know of, or have comments on, the impending Uptone Audio “EtherRegen” ethernet switch? Apparently this will have just one, clean-side port. I have a lot of respect for John Swenson, so if he is putting his mind to this subject I am hopeful it might be another possible answer to the clean supply issue?

Cannot beat a wire install and forget.

On the ethernet chord c-stream cable there is a plug with a black dot. Where is the black spot to be inserted? I have a power line behind the ND5 xs2. Does the black dot go to the naim ND5 xs2 or to the power line ethernet?

I agree the best advice is wired, however some of the newer wifi mesh networks are pretty damn close to wired(everyone’s situation is different). I replaced my Airport Extreme/express and haven’t looked back.

Yes the Black Arrow goes into your Naim ND5xs2

I hope this helps but if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Andrea, the arrow should point away from your Devlo and into your Naim streamer.

I am told this way. I can not figure out where this black plug goes!

Someone says that the black dot goes in the Devolo poweline, others do not

Copy/Past from this Chord Co link …

“Are other Ethernet cables directional in streaming systems?
Even with our entry level C-stream cables, the differences we felt we could hear made us feel it was worthwhile to hand mark each cable with a black dot at the source end.”
… source end means when used between a router and streamer, the plug with the black dot should be connected to the router.

I had already read. It’s the opposite of what the seller told me. The plug with the black dot is then placed on the router, in my case are Devolo Powerline though! SO THE BLACK POINT MUST BE INSERTED IN THE POWERLINE?

Yes exactly, unfortunately its very confusing & not helped by the very poor & hard to find information from Chord.
I really don’t understand why they can’t use an arrow to point towards the “direction” of signal flow, towards the renderer (player), that is at least more intuitive for the average person.

I’m not convinced about this direction stuff. I have MeiCord & they say to try it both ways & make your own mind up. I could not detect any change that convinced me one way or the other. In the end (because MeiCord plugs are colour coded for CW & CCW twisted pairs) I wired it so the MeiCords are following the same twist rotation from NAS to Switch to NDX. Does it sound better, who knows or cares, it sounds pretty damn good.

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You can find up to date information on the EtherRegen in the UpTone Audio thread on the Audiophile Style (former CA) forum. I have a JS-2 and a LPS-1.2 from UpTone Audio and I can warmly recommend their products. Great build quality and service.

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i confirm, i have the js2 too. Good step vs the israeli one i had before on my serve.
I think the ether regen switch is not already produced.

Mr rooster, I believe it is due to be released around easter time :+1:

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