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Yes I owned Naim stuff for around 30 years or so. I can’t see anything glaringly wrong anywhere in the stacking. My stuff was all on a single Fraim stack (no TT) and I just arranged it the most obvious way to me, ie. CD player on top, pre-amp next and then P/S’s with a 250 on the bottom. No room for a separate stack anyway!

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My only other thought is about LP12 support. Many of us stick them on wall shelves for a good reason, but I understand that that is not the right answer in every case.

Linn themselves don’t put them on wall shelves but I think they still insist that the best support is something ‘light and rigid’. Thus, if you do want to try a few options for positioning, one option would be to get more boxes on the left column so that the weight comes down on the right stack.

I know that Fraims have many fans, but a Fraim with all those boxes in a single stack wouldn’t be the first thing I’d try. Part of the reason is that I suspect getting more transformers away from delicate stuff is good. However, the main reason is that a single Fraim stack with an LP12 on top might be ‘rigid’, but it is not obviously ‘light’.

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I’ve never thought of the top of a Fraim stack as being a desirable place for a turntable, especially an LP12. I’m surprised from the Systempics thread how many people with very costly systems actually do this. Maybe they know something I don’t?

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My LP12 was originally on the top of my Fraim for several months, but for me, it works much better on the rack I designed for it.
The Quartz slab it sits on is standing on 4 Linn Speaker Spikes. The rack itself is constructed of solid Cherry timbers and standing on another 4 Linn speaker spikes onto basic 2 layer shoes (Stainless Steel and Silicone).
The glass shelves are 12mm toughened glass but without any isolation, they just sit on the frame.
The Marine Ply platform is standing on 8, 10mm diameter stainless steel threaded dowels and held in place by Nylon Cushioned nuts over stainless steel washers and is absolutely rigid.
My LP12 has never sounded so good to my ears, which means I’m quite happy with its position😊


A final order has been decided on and the whole system stripped down and rebuilt this morning, complete with proper cable dressing, by Tony of Basically Sound.


NAC 282
NAP 300 DR
2x Hi Cap DR
NAP 300 PS

TT Stand

NDX 2 - Cyrus Phono Signature
7000 CDT - Cyrus PSX-r2

Speaker position has adjusted slightly, as has rack position. REL T5/x has not moved and the NAP SC is still sited behind it in the corner.

I am very pleased with both how it looks and more importantly how it SOUNDS…:grin:


What he said - try to get all the low voltage gear (sources, preamps) away from the high voltage stuff (power supplies and amps).

This is how it is staying now.
Source on the left, amplification on the the Fraim, with the power supplies at the bottom.
It’s well balanced and sounds quite marvellous. :blush:


I really like the “other” rack. Is the whole thing your design or just the TT bit? If the latter, where is it from? Thanks.

100% my design and matches the Vinyl Racks I had made at the same time.
The TT base is a piece of 20mm Solid Quartz cut by the stone guys that supplied the surfaces for my new kitchen. It’s the same material and is sitting on 4 Linn speaker spikes.
The frame is solid Cherry to match the LP12 plinth, Linn Keilidh’s and the Fraim wooden elements.
I’m really pleased with how it turned out and it works very well. :blush:


au fond du jardin :wink:

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