The best standmount speakers for approx £500

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Has anyone ideas on the best loudspeakers for my system:- Yamaha cds1000cdp, Naim 5i-2 amp, Kudos stands,freesat blue-ray and ps4 pro.
I’m currently using the Bm’s 601s mk2 which is why I’m veering towards the B & W 606, but the Dali Oberon 3 or maybe Kef Q350 are on my shortlist to - Any other suggestions will be most welcome!

I’d be tempted to have a look at Kralk speakers for that sort of money. I’ve heard a few at shows and they are excellent.


With that as my budget I’d only be looking secondhand, giving much greater buying power - however other than that thought I have nothing specific to suggest as I know nothing of standmounts (ignoring the pro level PMCs and ATCs) which are more like floorstanders on stands…

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Agree best VFM definitely second hand is best way to go, if new I would have a listen to Fyne Audio F500, great little speakers for the money.

They’re not stand-mounts, but they take up the same footprint, and in the context of a Naim system, the price that Allaes go for these days must make them excellent value for money. £500 should land you a nice pair. They’re forgiving enough that you can get away with them on entry level Naim kit (unlike SBLs, SL2s etc…) but revealing enough that they can live and really soar on the end of the very best Naim kit.


If your patient, I reckon you can find a pair of used PMC GB1i’s within budget. They’re fantastic and very capable speakers with a small footprint. They went well with my Superuniti but others have commented on how they match other Naim kit in general.

I recently let mine go for less than £500 when I upgraded to PMC 25.23’s.

I’ve just reread your post - the GB1i’s aren’t standmount but might be worth looking at anyway.

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A pair of second hand PMC DB1 may be what is required

I recently advertised a pair of mint Allaes after obtaining a pair of SL2s and they didn’t sell even when the price dropped to £400!! I used the Allaes on the end of a 272/555DR/250DR and they sound sublime, okay the SL2s are better :slight_smile:

So I kept the Allaes and setup a second system around a late BT UQ2 and I’m glad I did, boy this setup sounds good and better than it should with only a UQ driving them.


Thanks guys,
I really know nothing about these speakers and i wanna really support my local Naim trader, he’s given me good advice and spent quite a time explaining some things without asking for anything in return. I do like the B & W sound though, it’s really superb and well balanced and i do listen to different types of music too. I wanna buy new though as i rarely by anything shand. I like new, i like that new smell and that new look and enjoy running in the speakers and hearing the SQ get better and better!

You might want to consider Dynaudio Emit M10s or, if second hand, M20s. I heard M20s driven by an Atom — great little system. So your Nait should be fine with them.


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Sure, we all like new but a friend just bought a Rega Planar 3/RB300/Linn K9 for £250 from the local dealer and it knocks the spots off a Rega Planar 1 which would have cost the same if only buying new.

That does sound good VFM.

If you’re looking for some really good sub £500 standmounts with fantastic sound then do have a listen to some Q acoustics Concept 20’s with their matching Concept Stands. Superb!


The Emit M10s are £499.


Theu look very stylish but they are very small and i like a decent bass as well so not really for me, definately something different though.

Is there any reason why you say standmount as opposed fo full size speakers? You say you like decent bass, so the PMC GBl that someone mentioned might be appropriate, or their FB1 (currently a pair on eBay)

I have never used standmounts as it would be pure overkill in my bedroom as it’s only small i think around 4m*2 floor space, so not alot of room. I have to be careful with too much bass as the bedroom walls are thin and floors can boom with speaker spikes which is why i’ve bought some isolation feet for them and i haven’t used these yet though. No i was thinking of having the Dali Oberon 3’s which are on my shortlist and which i’m gonna demo soon in addition to the original soeakers i’ve mentionrd.
I think a really well made standmount is enough unless in a medium or larger sized room.
With standmount you also get alot more money for the speaker as the equivelant floor standers to the B & W 606 would be around £1000 maybe more.

Ah, 4m2 is a tiny room! You may be best with back-to-wall bookshelf type speakers - so someone’s suggestion of PMC DB1 unsuitable unless the layout does allow you to get some space behind and around them.

Pair of used ProAc speakers. Get something fairly decent for that price. As the slogan goes… “perfectly natural”. Nice clean sound.

I’ll 2nd QAcoustics Concept 20 they are excellent sounding speakers. Like all QA stuff they hit well above their weight.