The Blue Nile - Vinyl Reissues coming soon

Just a quick heads-up for anyone who loves the Blue Nile and spinning LPs; It looks like the first three albums are being re-issued next month, with each one limited to 1000 pieces only.

Sadly, still no sign of High on LP, but who knows what may come in the future…?


Hi @Richard.Dane - I know Calum has been involved with these, but have they been done from analogue files? My AWATR Linn first press is a bit battered, but I find it difficult to imagine that it can be improved on…


Calum is working on High according to his website

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Kevin, it’s a very good question. I’ve searched for more info, but haven’t found anything yet to elaborate on the cutting details.

As you say, it’s hard to think of any possible improvement to the first presses (or even the second presses) of AWATR and Hats, but as they are both quite pricey (and Peace At Last even more so), those who don’t have them or the 2014 reissues will be happy to get them.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve still got my original Linn Records pressing of Hats and could have sworn I had AWART on vinyl as well. I can’t find it anywhere and I’m unlikely to have lost it so maybe I’m just imagining things

They are available on the River as a preorder for £22.99

Thanks Richard, this is good to know. I only have Hats on record.

Just snagged a NM Linn Records Walk Across The Rooftops…ah, nostalgia! Last time I heard it was with Hamish @ Roger at Sound Org in Southwark. Can’t wait to hear ‘Heatwave’ again :smiley:


This popped up on the linn f’book ‘forum’ and I was quick to order them - I only have cds of their albums so looking forward to the black stuff!


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