The bogs backing up : /

One of my neighbours had a blockage in kitchen waste.
Guys with camera told him the drain had collapsed.
Insurance company agreed to pay four grand for repair.
Guys with camera dug up his drive only to find the drain hadn’t collapsed.
The blockage was actually caused by a fat/soap ball. :clown_face:

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I trust you then performed a rendition of Sosban Fach! :laughing:

There’s a fine version on the LP “Back into the Future” from Wales’ finest rock band, Man.

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Yes, just phoned Hafren Dyfrdwy and the nice lady on the phone said they will send their finest heroic block-busters out tomorrow to investigate, so a resolve maybe in the pipeline soon…
Will be interesting to see what they discover and do about it.

Also managed to speak to the nice folk 2 doors away, he had a builder friend sort a blockage out last year, but he’s not sure what the issue was caused by (?)

I have the distinct impression all my neighbours are having bog backing up issues but are not liking to talk about it, and being economical with the truth :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



That gives a new meaning to ‘Christmas Log’ :grimacing:


I know that Dyno-rod get a bad press, but we’ve called them out twice in the last few years and they’ve been very good, and reasonably priced.


Until you’ve had a (blocked) sewer drain cover open……you haven’t lived!

You’d be amazed………

OK, perhaps we won’t take this any further :laughing: :laughing:

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It was actually a large pan so would have fitted the Sospan Fawr category! (Also mentioned in the same song).

Many moons ago our neighbour when I was a teen ranted at finding condoms when he opened the drain cover - ‘my son would never use such things’- not sure who else they could blame on their property!

For correctness (not being a Welsh speaker), is the word “sosban” or “sospan”?

Wikipedia reckons “sosban”, but the Man album says “sospan”, and I’m happy to go along with them :grin:

In any event, 'tis one of my favourite LP/CDs


It should be sosban, what an awful typo on my part though phonetically it could be either from the songs.

Is that some kind of North Korean missile?

FlyingBrownDong type?

The Nodong missiles sound very sad.

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:face_with_spiral_eyes: :thinking: And just how many condoms does it take to block a drain???

Shades of “Porterhouse Blue”

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Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo. :wink:

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All this lavatory humour is becoming funnier than the best jokes thread :poop:


Result! :poop: :poop: :poop:

A van arrived this morning at upright 8:00AM, and two professions pipe excavators had the situation sorted by 10:00AM. Considering i phoned yesterday evening at 8:00PM that’s a 12 hour call out and 14 hour to resolve, credit is due here! :grinning: :+1:

They lifted half a dozen or so manhole covers in the hereabouts and found 1 door away jam-flooded, 2 door away jam-flooded, 3 door away jam-flooded, mine seems to share with 2 door away. They said the 2 & 3 door away jam up seem to be a separate issue from my place & neighbour which emanated from a deep access hole in the road, he found a tree root [now removed] and a piece of broken pipe that may have been there since they built these houses.

Anyway, all clear now, and this mission has been signed off as a authority job so no one here will get a bill, i just hope the neighbours are grateful :grin:


Well, that must be a relief!

Everyone can now log out safely then!


Glad the root of the problem was found and now got the all clear Treemendous. :+1:t2:

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Sometimes it works.

About 15 years ago I was in France for Christmas but was detained for three weeks longer than planned by ill health. Returning to the UK we got home and went to go in via the kitchen door as usual. It was dark but there was enough light to see something had changed in the back garden. There was a pool of grey/brown sludge up to the back step that had emerged from the manhole cover in our back garden. It must have been going for some time as there was quite a lot of it and the liquid component was flowing through the fence and across our neighbour’s plot, our own drain seemed to be below the blockage. None of the neighbours had the nouse to report it while we were away, not even the one who’s garden had a rather unpleasant stream running across it. The water company came out the next day and cleared the blockage, or rather shifted it a bit as soon after the neighbour downhill had the manhole on their drive spewing effluent which ran off into the street and into the rainwater drain system. A lucky thing for us as it maintained the level in the drain by our back door at just below the grid.
My insurance company got the back garden cleaned up a few days later and, when soon after, I had to change the cold water tank in the loft I repurposed the old one as a rather large plant pot and sat it on top of the offending manhole cover, it didn’t pop again. The original blockage made its way down the hill, getting stuck and lifting a fresh manhole cover each time the water company moved it on a bit.

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