The case of disappearing playlists...?

every now and then, and this has happened more frequently lately (month or so) my playlists just disappear. streamer is NDS4.4, UPnP served by UnitiServe SSD. Power-cycling the NDS brings them back but of course its a total nuisance to keep having to do this.

Does anyone experience this sort of behaviour and do they have any other workaround? Not sure why its started to happen lately. As far as I am aware, firm/software on the NDS can only be updated manually anyhow. I know there have been a few IOS upgrades (for my iPad 1, but seems this has nothing to do with this behaviour anyhow – evidenced by the fact that power-cycling NDS seems to cure it, temporarily till it happens again…!! :frowning:

any thoughts?


Hi Ken, where are you creating these playlists, there are two possible ways. If you are making them on the Naim app, they will appear on the app home page underneath the input buttons. These playlists are stored on the individual iPad you are using.
Alternatively, you may be creating playlists on the N-Serve app (or on the DTC) in which case they are stored on the Unitiserve. This is a little less convenient than using the former method, but I find it more reliable, and they are backed up as part of the daily automated backup.

Thank you for responding Chris.

My playlists are created via the Naim app running under IOS on the iPad. This has been so for a long long time. However, as I say lately, every now and then they don’t appear on the app home page. They don’t appear even when you press the ‘PLAYLISTS’ button there. However, as I say, this is normally resolved by power cycling the NDS, which is a bit strange given the playlists are stored on the iPad as you say.

Anyhow, I think your idea of storing playlists on DTC seems a better way and I will look at that – though I really don’t understand why what has been working for a long long time has suddenly stopped. Ho hum…


I have always found the Naim app playlists to be unreliable, although I don’t remember them actually disappearing. It’s a shame, because it’s so easy to use them from within the app.
If you’re going to store playlists on the Unitiserve, I would suggest using the N-Serve app on your iPad. At least then you just have to switch to a different app, rather than putting down the iPad and turning on a computer.

Ah, unfortunately the nserve (version 1.7b) i have on my iPad doesn’t actually work for me right now – I guess its assuming that I would be playing straight from the U/Serve rather than streaming throw NDS, or…?

Not worth losing sleep over this really. just curious…


The US will just tell itself what to ‘serve’ to NDS. In the same way as a regular playback is handled

N-Serve will only control playback from the Unitiserve’s SPDIF output, but you should still be able to use it to view and edit metadata, create playlists etc.
1.7b is the Unitiserve firmware version. There’s a later 1.7c available now which solves an issue where ripping can be delayed by a failed metadata lookup, if you’re interested.

Thanks Chris and Adam. There is no doubt in my mind now that its much easier (and will perhaps get rid of my problem) if I create playlists from nserve/Naim DTC. Thanks for the suggestion. I will also look at 1.7c – not sure how I missed this – probably decided not to bother at the time, for whatever reason.

Any of you guys experts on QNAP TS251+? Gor a question on its shared folder settings…


Morning Ken

I can try and help with the QNAP.
What is about the shared folder that you’d like to know?

Naim didn’t announce this update, and the website still shows 1.7b so you didn’t miss it! You should be able to get it from your dealer or Naim support.

Chris, many thanks.

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