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If you haven’t already, try the Tennstedt/London Philharmonic recordings on EMI (I think there are 3 commercially released recordings of the 7th, two versions on the below box set).

Tennstedt seems to really understand the 7th!


Thanks Todd, I haven’t heard the Tennstedt version(s), so I will have to investigate.


My father was very fond of Karajan and idolised him. I can imagine hearing him live with Berliner would be a memorable experience. I think I am going to attend Mahler 6 but probably skip the 4th. ( Not a fan of Susanna Mälkki ) I have enjoyed the CSO for almost 30 years but stop subscription during the Barenboim era. I picked up since Muti became a music director and decided to explore classical music further.
Overall their programming is pretty good ( tho, chamber & voice program can use some expansion ) and filled with interesting guest artists, too.

The hall acoustics, unfortunately, not as good as before the remodeling but love their friendly staffs with the midwest values. I am fortunate to have an easy access to today’s top performers.


Tennstedt is one of my favourite conductor.
He gave us a memorable Mahler’s 1st back in the 90s.


Kuma: I have many CSO recordings particularly from the Solti years - probably the antithesis of Barenboim. The Solti era produced many superb recordings - the Decca sound still has tremendous impact, and suited Solti’s performing style. I heard Solti live twice, both times when he was conductor of the LPO - Beethoven 3, 1 and 9. Apparently some members of the LPO hated him (“the screaming skull”) but I found his performances immensely powerful. He was never routine.

I have to say I’m not a particular Karajan fan but at the time his performances of Bruckner were legendary and the playing he got from the BPO was incredible - a very different sound from the BPO since.


The last tune Der Abschied is my fave.


Yes. Solti live is very impressive. But wish I was around when Reiner was around. :slight_smile: Talk about great RCA Living Stereo sound! ( this was a pre remodeling when the Orchestra Hall still sounded good ) Very different conducting and personality from Solti style but I appreciate his subtle touches for the story telling. Solti tend to be a bit over the top.

Karajan also can be a bit pondering and overly rich but his Bruckner/BPO especially live would be something to remember, I bet.


Fritz Reiner was a superb conductor. During that period Szell (another superb conductor) and Reiner ruled with iron-like discipline in Cleveland and Chicago respectively. Their exacting and ruthless search for perfection wouldn’t be tolerated by today’s orchestras. The end result was, however, many superb recordings with the highest possible standard of playing. I have large box sets of Szell and Reiner, both full of many riches. We will not see their like again (good or bad!).


Thx - will do


I agree. We have well passed the gold era of super conductors.

I am keeping my ears/eyes open for the next generation of conductors. I like the fact that CSO invites many younger conductors ( like an audition thinking beyond Muti ).
So far, I like Jakub Hrůša, Alain Altinoglu, Rafael Payare etc…These days, autocratic way of running the orchestra is not tolerated. What’s interesting, tho, since Levin’s #metoo, there are many cases of sexual harassment coming forward.


I wish I could be at this concert to witness Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla conductng the CBSO with Patricia Kopatchinskaya but I am already booked for this the evening before -

Cannot do both.


More recent conducting news from The Guardian -


She became the first female conductor DG signed on recently.


Hi all, I like a lot of 20th C music and John Adams is my favorite living composer. I’ve seen him conduct in LA many times I’ve walked out after hearing a premiere and wondering at what I just heard. That happen a lot with new as opposed to things I know. Also Disney Hall in LA is incredible but I’ve had to give friends tickets this year due to medical reasons and the 2 hr drive to get to LA and stay a night limits my ability. Tho live events adds that extra something excitement.


Amazing things happening in LA as discussed in this wonderful Alex Ross piece for The New Yorker:


LA appears very exciting for new classical music. Although on a a very different scale, where I live in South Yorkshire has a healthy new music scene, concerts, record labels, but has no place to buy new Classical CDs. Many places sell used CDs, charity shops, etc, There is a superb vinyl store, but only has non-classical. So to buy, it’s online or visit the streaming apps.
On the latter I recently found this -

I’m not sure where this music fits, it is sort of Classical guitar, Spanish for sure. I heard mention of Abril via Hilary Hahn interview on Presto site. Looking him up on Qobuz I found a couple of interesting albums including this with Gabriel Estrarelles. Whatever it is, it is wonderful, and superb sound. A new journey begins



On CDs, a tranquil afternoon with -


I like the thread - interesting insights which invite to listen other albums…


Hi Bert,

It would be good to see your contributions here. Elsewhere your posts are always interesting, your views and musical choices.