The Coronation

Contentious I know, please avoid being directly critical of anything/anyone.

I’m not English but would consider myself supportive of the monarchy for many reasons and was quite upset when Queen Elizabeth II passed away.

No idea why but I had no inkling the Coronation was on Saturday until earlier this week and had for some strange reason assumed that it was on the ‘extra’ commemoratory bank holiday.

I’m not sure if I’ll watch it live or ever to be honest.

I find this a bit saddening, though I’m sure many don’t give a hoot about any of it.

Something inside me suggests the time interval has just been too long since the Queen’s passing. Has it always been so?

I recall the last coronation. I think the time interval was similar.

I don’t have any strong feelings or opinion about the concept of a coronation or it’s cost. Electing a President every four or five doesn’t seem to deliver anything better than a predetermined incumbent - whether that predetermined incumbent is British or Russian!


This thread is likely to be a ticking time bomb. :bomb:

If somebody came up with idea of a monarchy now would anybody think it a good idea?

The only King I’m interested in is on a 8x8 board. :chess_pawn:


I think they (royalty) had an opportunity to get closer to the people and show they were ready to modernise. Instead they chose to invent the “chorus of millions of voices”, which is sickening IMO.


Quite likely, but for obvious reasons I’d ask people to be constructive with their thoughts.

Maybe I’m just not over the events of last year.

Great civilisations and empires worldwide have achieved many amazing things but also presided over what we now consider at best injustice, at worst atrocities.

I wish we could say we are so enlightened these days that such things would not happen again.

My personal view is that we should all denounce modern injustices but not be made to feel guilty about the actions of our forebears whomsoever they were as they were not us!


If the coronation makes you happy, that’s great. Lots of happy people is a good thing.

If it doesn’t make you happy, that’s cool. Not everybody is made happy by the same things.

If it makes you unhappy, you probably need help to discover why you feel that way. :innocent:


Sad really.

I have accepted that as a public facing forum of a commercial entity that it has to be that way but I miss the cut and thrust of the old, old forum. (2nd iteration I believe, I came to it in 2004).



We’ve been asked to pledge allegiance tomorrow night however that’s an assumption that you’ll be watching and/or you care.

It seems a bit odd doesn’t it.
Politeness? OK.
Respect? Fair enough.
Allegiance? Hmm.

Personally I don’t mind our monarchy for the most part, checks and balances in conjunction with elected officials and all that. I’m not aware of many republics wholly happy with their elected leaders either. But I agree if the idea was floated anew today it would not get much support from myself, or most I suspect.

Yes respect I agree however allegiance I’m afraid not. My allegiance is to my country.

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My allegiance is purely to Naim, its heirs and successors.



Muggins is organising our Big Coronation lunch for the lovely neighbours in my little close. Most of us are retired and we are all sorts, left wing, right wing, leavers or remainers, monarchists or republicans, but we are all neighbours and we’d all do whatever is needed to help each other out. If the coronation brings us together and gives us a chance of a nice lunch, it’s got to be good. To me the monarchy is an elitist institution that’s had its day, useful only to smile, pat children on the head and open things. I met Charles once and he seemed very nice, but then that’s his job. I’m making a coronation quiche, remembering to make double pastry and really really squeeze the spinach.


I agree it does seem to bring you guys together (mostly) and it works well for the UK. Just don’t think it’s relevant to us.

We’ll be watching live with a bottle of bubbles. No one does pomp like the Brits, and god knows, we need some fun and frivolity in life.


No, you’ve been invited not asked.


Well, if nothing else it gives me an excuse to indulge in another hobby on Saturday


No the news clearly states asked, although it has stated it’s not mandatory.

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No, then your news is wrong and lazy. The Palace has made it quite clear you’re invited . How your news decides to interpret that clearly is up to them.

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I think that represents a lot of people I still know in the UK. Regardless of their view on the broader topic, they all agree it is a chance for them to get together in the village/neighbourhood and have a party.

Some of the discussions about various things that put people’s nose out of joint don’t make any sense to me. With all the s#%t going on in the world right now and people are upset about that? I just don’t understand at times.


Tbf I find myself thinking this most days about most things in the news.