The Cricket Thread

I think it’s too early to tell. But from a distance he does not have the necessary gravitas.

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Ooh Matron

I’m a bit frustrated with Pope and the skip throwing away their wickets when the lower orders did not contribute much. No need to lash out just get those singles and punish the bad ball.

What is it with Yorkshire cricketers and run outs …?

Agree - our tail is that of a Manx cat.

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I didn’t know the Pope played cricket?


Well that’s Pakistan done and dusted, now it’s time to deal with those pesky Kiwis. First test (day/night) starts this Friday.


TM – now we can add can’t catch to the list of this England team’s attributes. No spoilers :frowning_face:

The only thing this short tour has achieved is to act as NZ’s warm-up for their imminent games against the Aussies.


It was a poor attempt. :scream:


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Yes indeed
Felt sorry for Joe Denly as it’ll be replayed over and over.
Pope is not the greatest keeper either.

New Zealand thoroughly deserved its series win.
So congratulation to the Kiwis.
It should be a great series against the Aussies.

Hopefully Anderson and Wood should be fit for our tour of South Africa
Jonny Bairstow or Ben Foakes as keeper batsman
Pope should be in too, but on,y as a batsman, lose those gloves, please.

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RIP Bob Willis.
Who can forget him storming in against the old enemy, or hearing him question the wisdom of a particular tactic or decision on Sky?
A master of his art, be it on the field or in the studio.


Just read the article online, he was the only 70. Who will forget (although I do try) his 8/43 against the Aussies. RIP


I don’t understand how two tests can be regarded as a series. Bring back the five format.


Yes, its dumb. 3 should be the minimum imo.


Very sad Bob Willis.

To be still known today as a legendary fast bowler when West Indies as well a Thompson and Lillee were dominating at the same time is exceptional.

Could dominate and utterly terrify batsman all over the world as well as anyone.


RIP Bob Willis…

He is a bowler who i saw on TV - i mean the generation is mine…

Unlike many greats whom i never got to see on TV or live cricket…

Long runup - fast bowling…curly hair…

Surely a great bowler…



RIP Bob Willis - one of the game’s characters and straight shooters when it came to evaluating things. This vid covers the 8-43 but also watch 4-20 onwards, an event which has stuck in my mind ever since…shock horror that the 1981 team could catch well too, especially Mike Gatting and his ‘thought it was a pork pie’ catch diving forward. Great memories, with the great Richie Benaud letting the pictures do the talking.


An iconic style that my generation of teenagers all tried to impersonate by running in on that long arc with the ball held almost by your side but he was the real deal and an stalwart of his era in English cricket.





It was often referred to as Botham’s Ashes, but Sir Ian was always first to acknowledge it was Willis’s Ashes as much as it was his.

We need a Bob Willis in out present test team, but there was only one.

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Are we getting too soft?