The Day The Music Burned, NY Times article

But as I’ve commented earlier, digital audio is relatively still in its infancy and developing. Without the original masters, as and when digital audio progresses to a higher standard there will be no source to return too to remaster at the improved standard.

As for tapes deteriorating, this is likely also to be a result of uncaring neglect, exacerbated by the dunderheaded attitude that as they’ve been digitised it doesn’t matter.
I don’t believe that audio master tapes deteriorate as badly as some would have us believe when looked after properly. If so many of the great vinyl re issues from master tape still coming out e.g. Blue Note Tone Poet wouldn’t be happening.

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Breaking News - An undercover reporter has revealed that 11 years ago a fire in The Louvre broke out, the fire was quickly contained but not before the Mona Lisa was irreparably damaged.
However, a government spokesperson for Arts & Culture explained that the fire wasn’t publicised as there was nothing to be concerned about. The Mona Lisa had already been converted into a digital print which remains on display.

Can you imagine?

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:small_blue_diamond:Been reading recently,.but Richard.Dane have already mentioned Sheryl Crow.

:black_small_square:Sheryl Crow lost all of her masters recordings due to fire .
:black_small_square:Taylor Swift just found out all her past master recordings have been sold out.

How can the artist keep control of their master recording,.and most importantly how are they crucial to an artist.


:black_small_square:Taylor Swift just found out all her past master recordings have been sold out.

…and that’s a loss to the music community?:grinning:

:small_blue_diamond:@HappyListener,…I have no idea :wink:,.I have never listened to that artist.

But we must respect the artist’s material,.albeit we do not like it…I think.


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