The death of the n-Vi

It’s almost done now, fighting its last fight…14 years of true pleasure in my home cinema system.

Question: What to do know?
Rest of the home cinema system: naim Center(middle model), Kudos Super 10 (front) n-Sub, Audiovector (rear).

I was hoping the new Muso could be used as an AV system as the mid speaker, a Uniti for L/R and mini QB for the rears. Alas, no.

I’ve wondered if the Muso as a centre and my Nova as L/R played through multi-room would be a reasonable alternative, or to just stick with the Nova as I have now?


Naim really missed a trick not enabling the Muso to be a centre speaker. It’s shape virtually says it’s designed to be one. Strange decision IMO.


That would have been a great solution and probably not that difficult. Hopefully there maybe upgrades that make that possible.

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I was wondering whether syncing signals would be tricky?
Anyone have an idea if this is difficult despite a multi room function?

You can multiroom from all inputs on the new Unitis (including analogue) so if the Muso 2 is the same, I guess you could try multiroom with it’s HDMI or optical input. I’m not sure how balanced that would sound compared to a proper multi channel AV amp, but it should at least play in sync.

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It would work as a 3.1 setup ?

You would have to feed everything with regular 2 channel PCM, so not really, but I’m sure you could still get that signal to 3 speakers and a sub if you wanted to.

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